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More driving test cancellations due to December strike action

Information on further driving test cancellations due to upcoming driving examiner strikes… If you happened to book a DVSA practical test for the first week of December, it’s likely that yours could be one of many driving test cancellations following the announcement that driving examiners are planning further strike action. On the 19th and 20th of November, driving examiners who are members of the Public and Commercial Service (PCS) union decided to strike over a dispute about working hours. Further strike action is now planned at various times from Tuesday 1 December until Friday 4 December 2015. Confirmed dates and the regions likely to be affected by driving test cancellations, as published by, are as follows:

Date Regions affected
Tuesday 1 December 2015. North East, North West and Scotland.
Wednesday 2 December 2015. West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales.
Thursday 3 December 2015. London, South East, East of England and South West.
Friday 4 December 2015. All of Great Britain.

Information for driving test candidates

The DVSA has stated that it’s doing what it can to ensure driving tests proceed as planned, highlighting that not all examiners are PCS union members. The DVSA expects the majority of driving test centres to be unaffected so advise that you turn up for your test as planned. Alternatively, you can change your test date, but you will need to give a minimum of three clear working days’ notice to do this, otherwise you will have to pay the driving test fee again. If Book Theory Test Today booked your practical driving test on your behalf, please get in touch. In the event that you’re hit by driving test cancellations, you can book a new test appointment automatically should there be no examiner available for your test. You can rebook for the earliest available date. If your test is cancelled on any of the December dates, get in touch with Book Theory Test Today immediately.

Claim out-of-pocket expenses

As with November’s driving test cancellations, you can claim out-of-pocket expenses if you’re affected by December’s strike action. However, you must have turned up for your test in the first instance to be eligible for out-of-pocket expenses.

What about theory tests?

If you have made an online driving theory test booking for the December dates listed, these dates are unaffected by the strike action. Attend your designated theory test date as normal.

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