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Why you should book a theory test in remote parts of Scotland

Certain parts of Scotland are getting a bit of a reputation for high numbers of learner drivers passing a DVSA driving theory test and practical exam first time. So, here are a few reasons why you should book a theory test in certain parts of Scotland. If you already live in Scotland you already have an advantage – less travelling should you decide to book a theory test in some of these remote locations. Speaking of remote locations, let’s focus on Barra, an island in the Outer Hebrides a far cry away from civilisation. Despite having no traffic lights, no roundabouts or no pedestrian crossings, the island has a surprisingly high number of learner drivers who have passed a driving theory test first time. You’d of thought this would have been a disadvantage as the Highway Code is full of detailed explanations covering traffic lights, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings. You’d have thought that Barra’s residents who book a theory test on the island would struggle if they’ve never come across ‘road furniture’ before, but no.

Here’s why you should book a theory test in a remote part of Scotland

  1. If you’ve struggled to pass a theory test in England, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying your luck in the remotest parts of Scotland. However, despite the surprisingly high pass rates, it’s not guaranteed for everyone that they’ll pass first time.
  1. If you book a theory test and pass, you should stick around or return to take your practical exam too. Why? Many learner drivers taking a practical test in places like Barra pass first time too.

The practical test in Barra works to a learner’s advantage because the absence of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts gives them less to think about when driving.

  1. Even if you fail the theory test if nothing else, you’ll have enjoyed a day trip to a remote part of Scotland, something to take your mind off of your unsuccessful attempt at the theory test.

Learner drivers frustrated

However, the high theory test and practical exam pass rates do not please everyone. Learner drivers in urban locations such as London and Edinburgh, for instance, have expressed their frustration at those learner drivers heading to the Outer Hebrides because it’s giving candidates an unfair advantage. Book Theory Test Today can understand the frustration as city driving is very different to rural driving. Learner drivers unable to head to the Outer Hebrides have dubbed the theory test and practical exam in remote locations a ‘cop-out’. However, other frustrated learner drivers – namely those who have grown frustrated with their inability to pass a theory test or practical exam in urban settings – are being drawn to remote locations to increase their chances of theory test and practical exam success. Is it working? Well, the figures say yes, but the data should be greeted with an air of caution. After all, it’s all relative. For instance, high percentages in remote locations are mostly based on low numbers of people taking theory test and practical exams. On Barra, for example, it’s not uncommon for just five people a year to take the theory test. If all five pass that’s a hundred per cent pass rate. The point is that way more than five people a year are taking a theory test in urban settings, increasing the chances of high failure numbers.

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