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Are You More Dangerous on the Road When Driving with Friends?

Book Theory Test Today offers a different perspective to an article published by the Daily Mail.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “I’m always quick to jump to the defence of young drivers who have just passed their theory test and driving exam, they get a lot of bad press. With recent news stories suggesting that curfews and new age limits are being proposed, I feel sorry for those about to start on the driving journey, it must be incredibly disheartening.”

I think I take issue with the fact that so much news coverage is given to the bad side of young drivers that all the good news stories get dismissed, it’s a real shame.”

In our normal search for stand out news stories, this week Book Theory Test Today stumbled upon an article written by the Daily Mail. The article delivers a damming verdict that young drivers are twice as likely to crash when they have young friends in the vehicle.

One particular snippet caught our eye! According to research by AAA’s safety foundation – ‘A teenage driver's risk of dying in an accident increases dramatically when there are other teens in the car, and plummets when there's an adult looking on.’

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “Yes, it may be true that young drivers are more cautious when an adult is present in the vehicle. However, they’re likely to be much more nervous, which can be just as likely to cause an accident.”

When revising for a theory test, taking the theory test, moving on to driving lessons and then taking the driving exam, every part of the process covers the issue of hesitating. Being in fear of making a mistake leads to hesitancy and indecision, which is just as likely to result in an accident.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “The snippet caught our eye because it’s flawed. At 18 an individual is considered an adult, therefore, aren’t  those 17 year-old drivers driving with an 18 year-old in the car less likely to have an accident?”

Yes the article writer does go on to define what they mean by ‘adult’, but surely this is derogatory. It appears that there is a smear campaign, induced by the press, targeting young drivers. What’s the agenda? To see that all this talk of curfews and new age limits gets pushed through.

The Book Theory Test Today blogger says: “It’s this writer’s opinion that press coverage is belittling young drivers. The campaign only seems to be growing more intense and has basically become a witch-hunt. Rather than providing better education on how to drive with friends in the car, punishment seems to be the order of the day.”

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