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May 15

The Highway Code | An Introduction for Learner Drivers

Driving isn’t all about driving, there are so many other factors to consider when it comes to motoring. Britain’s road rules are set out in the Highway Code and this is Book Theory Test Today’s crash course to this important guide.

May 15

End of paper driving licence will cause problems hiring cars abroad

On June 8 the paper driving licence will be no more, but motorists are being warned that this will cause problems when hiring a vehicle abroad. What’s the problem? Book theory Test Today investigates.

Apr 15

DVSA Practical Driving Test: The Driving Test Report Explained – Part Three

Upon completing your DVSA practical driving test you will be issued with a test report. In the final part of this three part series, Book Theory Test Today breaks down further sections of the practical driving test report so you know the criteria you will be assessed on.

Apr 15

DVLA challenged by Dad over right to wear ‘Religious’ Headgear

Our blog research uncovers some bizarre stories related to motoring. This week, Book Theory Test Today came across a story that’s out of this world, involving a Dad and his battle with the DVLA over his driving licence picture. Find out what all the fuss is about, here…

Apr 15

Survey Results | 9 Road Traffic Laws British Motorists Actually Want

Occasionally British motorists can see the funny side of driving laws in Britain and in a show of good humour, a recent survey reveals nine road traffic laws that drivers actually want to see implemented in the country. Book Theory Test Today indulges you…

Mar 15

The End of Paper Driving Licences – What Do You Need to Know?

From June 2015, paper driving licences will be no more. Learner drivers passing a theory test and practical driving test after this date will no longer be presented with paper licence counterparts. Book Theory Test Today tells you what you need to know…

Mar 15

Driving Test Changes: Will they Actually Stop More Young People Dying on Britain’s Roads?

Book Theory Test Today’s research this week led us to a very interesting piece in the Yorkshire Post regarding driving test changes. Significantly, the article questions whether changing the driving test will help to save the lives of young people, to which Book Theory Test Today had to write a response.

Mar 15

Driving While Smoking Banned in Vehicles with Children

From October 2015, driving while smoking in vehicles with children as passengers will be banned. Book Theory Test Today looks at the implications of this new law.

Mar 15

Drivers on Mobiles should be Disgraced

There’s been an absolute furore about drivers on mobiles in the press recently. One particular news item that caught the attention of Book Theory Test Today was published by the BBC featuring Police Chief, Suzette Davenport, who claims that politicians ignore the rules when it comes to drivers on mobiles because it would cost votes. […]

Mar 15

New Drug-Drive Laws Now in Effect in England and Wales

New rules targeting drug-drivers are now in effect across England and Wales. With an increase in the number of learner drivers and fully fledged motorists taking to the roads under the influence of narcotics, Book Theory Test Today examines what the new laws mean for those caught offending.


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