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A Book Theory Test Today guide to theory test apps – part three

With so many theory test apps now available, replacing the old-school CD roms and book resources, it’s difficult to know which will actually help you. Book Theory Test Today reviews some of the most popular theory test apps. Checked out any of the theory test apps from our previous posts? Not for you? Looking for something more? You’re after a driving app that can help you with improving your practical driving too, right? Step forward, Virtual Learn-Manoeuvres…

App four – Virtual Learn-Manoeuvres

Book Theory Test Today says: “Where most driving apps are about prepping you for your theory test, if you’re looking for something beyond the theory test this is the app for you! It’s designed to teach you about the ‘hands-on-the-wheel’ stuff, educating you on how to manoeuvre and position a vehicle and where you should be looking, etc…” Need to brush-up on your parallel parking or improve your three-point turns? This app will help you with these manoeuvres and more. You’ve made your theory test booking online and you’re pretty confident with your theory knowledge, so this app will take you to the next level. If you really want to avoid a second, DVSA practical test booking you really need to nail those all-important manoeuvres. Book Theory Test Today says: “This app features a bunch of videos highlighting manoeuvre processes from within and outside the car, helping you to gauge angles and really understand the geometry of performing manoeuvres.” This app costs £1.79 to buy, but it’s only available on Android. Once purchased, you can download videos onto your device as needed, rather than having to download all of them in one go and gobbling up your storage.

App five – UK Driving Tests

Don’t like spending money on apps? Ok with an app not looking too glamorous? Then UK Driving Tests is for you! Unlike many apps on the market, this one is not trying to lure you in with a few questions in the hope that you’ll buy the app to get the full version. You get 1,200, theory test style questions, completely free. Perfect if you have a phobia of spending money! It provides a mock test to give you a feel for what the theory test will be like and with so many questions to test yourself against, it will certainly sharpen your knowledge. This app is available for free, but only on Android.

Available on Android only

The apps featured in this blog are available on Android only, downloadable via Google Play. Watch out for part four of the Book Theory Test Today, theory test app review - coming soon!

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