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Why you can book a DVSA theory test with a third party service in confidence

Book Theory Test Today tackles some of your objections to the idea that you can trust a third party service to book a DVSA theory test on your behalf. Yes, Book Theory Test Today is a third party service for those who need a provider to book a DVSA theory test on their behalf, so we do have a vested interest in this topic. There are many reasons why people use our service including:

  • Lack of time to go through the process to book a DVSA theory test
  • Learning difficulties, which hinder a person’s ability to understand jargon used on the website
  • Non-English speaking applicants, again because they have difficulty understanding the site

Clarifying the scam theory

Third party service providers operating to help learner drivers book a DVSA theory test are given a bad rap, with many articles published warning you against using such services. Why? They are considered a scam, which theoretically speaking is wrong in some cases. We don’t deny that some third party operations are unscrupulous, set up to take your money. However, in the case of Book Theory Test Today for instance, labelling the service a scam is totally unwarranted. The very definition of a scam is to con someone out of money without them realising it, in other words fraud. The term scam is more affiliated with dodgy sales people conning pensioners out of their life savings. Now take a look at the Book Theory Test Today home page. The opening paragraph clearly states that we’re in no way connected to the DVSA and our £43.99 fee showing what you get for our service can’t be missed. We’re upfront about what we do, therefore, could you really justify our service being a scam? Is it the idea that we charge an admin fee for providing a service, whereas you book via the government website for free? It’s no different to airlines charging additional fees or cash machines that charge you to withdraw your money, granted you might not like them, but they’re not fraudulent.

Booking via the government website

You can book via the government website, we don’t hide the fact. However, based on statistics over 50 per cent of people who book a DVSA theory test online won’t pass first time and will have to pay for any additional retests. That’s where booking via the government site falls down. Book Theory Test Today offers retests for free as well as a number of other benefits you can’t get through a government website booking. We deal with a lot of learner drivers who are web savvy, so it’s not in our best interests to try and scam them. We don’t feel we have to justify ourselves, but we need to correct the perception that it’s impossible to trust a third party provider to book a DVSA theory test on your behalf. Try us and reap the benefits.

Ready to book a DVSA theory test online?

Book Theory Test Today offers an intermediary service assisting clients with booking a UK theory test, or practical test, at test centres across the nation. The service also supplies resources to help you prepare for your theory test – Ready to take your theory test? Book your theory test online today No. We’re not affiliated with the DVSA or the website, but that does not make us a scam. You’re charged an admin fee to cover our staff costs and the process of booking a theory test or practical exam on your behalf.

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