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Book a DVSA theory test in 2016 | A summary of potential changes

Book Theory Test Today summarises some of the potential changes you can expect to the DVSA theory test in the year ahead. Why not fulfil that New Year’s resolution and Book a DVSA theory test in 2016?

If you do book a DVSA theory test in 2016, chances are some of the potential changes to the exam will impact you in some way. What follows is an outline of the possible changes that could take place and a summary of how they will affect the theory test.

  1. Motorway lessons for learner drivers

Right at the end of 2015, the government announced that a consultation will take place for the introduction of motorway lessons for learner drivers. While no official date has been given as to when this will come into effect, you can expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

How will motorway lessons for learners affect the theory test? This is not concrete, but it’s Book Theory Test Today’s theory that you will see more theory test questions relating to motorway driving included in the official DVSA theory test.

  1. Future of theory test provider uncertain

Just prior to the Christmas break, Book Theory Test Today published a blog stating that Pearson VUE currently holds the government contract to supply the DVSA driving theory test across the whole of the UK. However, the contract is set to expire in September 2016, with Learndirect set to take over.

Pearson did enter negotiations to purchase Learndirect in order to retain the driving theory test contract, but negotiations hit a snag with Pearson announcing at the end of 2015 that they had abandoned plans to buy Learndirect due to financial troubles.

Book Theory Test Today has since learned that Pearson VUE will abandon all plans to continue providing the DVSA driving theory test beyond the length of their current contract, due to numerous issues.

How will this situation affect the theory test? In terms of making an online theory test booking, contract issues will not cause a problem if you want to book a DVSA theory test in 2016. However, you should be aware that if you’re looking to book a DVSA theory test after September this year, there could be upheaval in terms of theory test centres. There’s a possibility some could close.

These are just two of the potential major changes likely to affect you if you’re looking to book a DVSA theory test in 2016. As the year progresses, we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

Ready to book a DVSA theory test in 2016?

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