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Taking Your Theory Test at a Centre With a High Pass Rate Doesn’t Guarantee You a Pass

Learner drivers read too much into UK driving theory test pass rates according to the DVSA, often resulting in loss of focus and poor performance when it comes to their own theory test. The UK currently has 155 ‘active’ theory test centres and the driving theory exam is exactly the same across all centres, however, pass rates vary. The DVSA has attributed varying pass rates to the difference between learner drivers who retain their composure when taking the UK theory test and those that don’t. In a statement from the DVSA they said: “Preparation for the theory test is all about mindset and there are those individuals that get caught up in pass rates and those that concentrate on revision and preparing themselves for the theory exam as best as they can.” Book Theory Test Today understands that a proportion of learner drivers will travel to different test centres because of the ‘promise’ of a higher pass rate, however, there are no guarantees for passing the exam by taking it in a different location. Whilst the driving theory exam maintains the same format across all test centres, not all learner drivers are presented with the same questions. Questions are randomly selected from a database of over 1000 DVSA approved questions, meaning that every learner has an equal chance of successfully completing the exam. In 2013-2014, a survey was conducted to establish the top performing test centres and equally, the poorest performing theory test centres. The results found that the top performing theory test facility was the Ullapool centre, with an overall pass rate of 64.00%. According to the official DVSA survey the poorest performing test centre was Stornoway, registering an overall pass rate of just 44.9%. If you are interested, the overall pass rate for Wolverhampton was 49.7%

Don’t be put off by theory test pass rates

If your local test centre has a poor performance rating, don’t let that inhibit you from taking your theory test there. Concentrate on your own preparation and don’t read into the efforts of other candidates. Revise the Highway Code as much as possible and seek advice from friends and family who have experienced the theory test and get guidance from your driving instructor. Preparation leads to positive results and look at it from a different perspective, you passing your theory test will help to boost the overall pass rate for your local test centre. Remember failure to prepare means preparing to fail. Good luck to you if you’re taking your theory test soon...

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