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Online theory test booking for Andover theory test centre

Want to make an online theory test booking for Andover theory test centre? Welcome to the latest blog edition in the series, covering every UK theory test centre from A-Y including directions & current pass rates. Next up, Andover.

Andover theory test centre is one of 28 new theory test centres opened by the DVSA in 2016. The Andover test centre is community-based and will only be open on an occasional basis in response to local demand.

If you want to book a theory test online to take at Andover driving theory test centre, here’s what you need to know…

Andover theory test centre – Address

Theory tests in Andover take place at The Rendezvous on Union Street. The full address is:

The Rendezvous,
Union Street,
SP10 1PA.

Should you need to contact the Andover test centre, you will need to call DVSA customer support on 0300 200 1122.

Finding Andover theory test centre 

If you’re driving to the Andover theory test centre as part of a lesson or accompanied by a friend or relative, there is a pay and display car park located on Union Street, right outside the theory test centre.

The nearest train station is Andover Train Station, which is approximately 0.8 miles (16-minute walk) from the test centre. On foot, exit the station and head northeast on Station Approach towards Junction Road. After 0.1 mile, continue onto Junction Road. After 85 feet, turn right, remaining on Junction Road.

After 46 feet, turn left, remaining on Junction Road. After 0.2 miles, turn left towards Western Avenue [A3057]. After 338 feet, turn right towards Western Avenue. After 246 feet, turn left onto Western Avenue. After 95 feet, turn right, remaining on Western Avenue.

After 223 feet, turn left towards West Street. After 157 feet, turn right towards West Street. After 39 feet, turn left onto West Street. After 82 feet, turn right towards Union Street. After 0.1 mile, turn left towards Union Street.

After 154 feet, turn right towards Union Street. After 66 feet, turn left onto Union Street. After 262 feet, The Rendezvous will be on your left.

The nearest bus stop is located on Kings Yard (marked N-bound). The stand is serviced by bus numbers 2, 6, 7, 13 and 14. Upon alighting the bus, head south on East Street [A3057] towards Union Street. After 56 feet, turn right onto Union Street. After 190 feet, The Rendezvous will be on your right.

Facilities available at Andover theory test centre

Please note, there is no information available for Andover theory test centre concerning disabled access or disabled facilities. It’s recommended that you speak to DVSA customer support on 0300 200 1122 to ask about disabled access and facilities.

Andover test centre’s theory test statistics

Andover Theory Test Centre only opened to the public in September 2016, with the 1st bookings taken on Friday, 12 August. Therefore, there is currently no theory test data available concerning the number of men and women who have passed and failed the test.

Look out for the next instalment, where we’ll be covering the Axminster theory test centre.

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