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A First Driving Lesson Horror Story

A hilarious story of one American teenager and his first driving lesson. This has an extraordinary ending. As a learner motorist I’m sure you picture yourself breezing through your theory test, enjoying fantastic driving lessons and passing the practical driving exam with flying colours. But, what happens when things don’t go according to plan? Well, spare a thought for one American teenager whose first driving lesson ended in spectacular fashion when he managed to flip his car onto its roof. Before the theory test was even a twinkle in his eye and long before his thoughts had even turned to his practical exam, his enthusiasm for driving, and his pride, may well have been severely dented.

Typical Mishaps to Expect on a First Driving Lesson

Book Theory Test Today says: “You expect a few nerves and of course a few mishaps, such as stalling the car or forgetting to use the mirrors properly, but to flip your car on your first ever driving lesson is something quite remarkable.” Some of the more common mishaps associated with driving first timers include:
  • Mounting the kerb
  • Clipping a wing mirror
  • Excessive revving
  • Poor gear changes
The unlucky teen’s humiliation was posted on social media site, Twitter, by police in Waltham, Massachusetts. The picture shows the vehicle flipped onto its roof at a zebra crossing, right in the middle of a residential street. Book Theory Test Today says: “Eye witnesses to the accident allege that the unnamed teen struck a tree, rolling the car up it and causing the car to flip over leaving the vehicle stranded on its roof.” It’s understood that the driver had not yet taken the American driving theory test and had no previous road experience. One eye witness posted on Twitter: “I saw the whole incident live, that’s my white car in the background.”

No Serious Injuries

Book Theory Test Today says: “Thankfully no one was seriously hurt; only the driver’s pride suffered some damage. No doubt he will be wearing his L plates a little longer and he can rest assured that there are no theory test questions related to car flipping, and it’s also not a feature of the practical exam.” “As far as a driving lesson goes this could not have gone any worse, but on a first driving lesson, to flip a vehicle is quite an achievement,” said Waltham police. They added: “He was a bit shaken up, but escaped unscathed apart from an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. When we spoke to him he said I might do some studying on how to drive, he did see the funny side of it, even though a few passers-by were chuckling.” Book Theory Test Today understands that there will be no action taken against the driver, but the teen has said that he will attempt to cover the cost of damage caused to the vehicle. He will return to taking lessons so American citizens of Waltham, beware!!! Book Theory Test Today offers an intermediary service assisting clients with booking a UK theory test, or practical DVSA driving test, at test centres across the nation. The service also supplies resources to help you prepare for your theory test – Ready to take your theory test? Book your theory test online today...

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