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Warning! New Wave of Theory Test Identity Fraud

Book Theory Test Today investigates a new form of identity fraud affecting learner drivers and full licence holders.

The DVSA recently issued a statement warning drivers about the dangers of posting images of your driving licence via social media platforms. The DVSA understands that receiving your provisional licence or full driving licence is exciting and you want to share it with friends and family. However, they advise that you take precautions.

Malicious fraudsters are taking images of licences posted on social media and using them to produce fake licences in your name. In particular, provisional licences have been targeted, allowing people to turn up to a theory test centre or practical exam, which they’ve booked in your name.

However, the fraud doesn’t just stop at being able to take a theory test or practical exam using your identity. Book Theory Test Today understands that images of genuine, full UK licences posted on social media sites are also being used.

Book Theory Test Today says: “Images of licences posted on social media provide the fraudsters with enough information to easily commit identity fraud. Victims will soon find that bank accounts, credit cards, loans and goods purchased will have been obtained using their identity.”

 A statement from the DVSA revealed that: “The main culprits for posting these images are young, excited drivers who have just received a provisional or full licence. They simply forget themselves and post such images without any concept of the consequences. The result can be horrendous with massive debts accumulated because fraudsters have been on a spending spree at their expense.”

Book Theory Test Today says: “If you must insist on posting images of your driving licence, cover the personal details with a piece of paper. Don’t make it easy for fraudsters to steal your details and then your identity. If you do you could show up to a theory test or practical exam with your provisional licence only to find your licence number and name have been used.”

It’s not only the fact that your identity has been stolen, it’s the hassle that comes with it. You will find it difficult to present a case for fraud if investigators establish that you willingly posted your driver licence details on a social media website.

Book Theory Test Today says: “It’s in your best interests to share your excitement in person with friends or family. That way you will not fall victim to this malicious form of identity fraud. They target the profiles of young people looking for such images. What you think is an innocent act of posting a photo is actually someone’s way of stealing your identity.”

A DVSA spokesperson said: “Social media in this instance represents a dangerous portal, trolled by individuals looking for such an opportunity. Our advice is to steer clear of posting images of documents that feature personal details. After all, you wouldn’t post a picture of your bank statement or credit card online would you?” 

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