Pass Your Driving Test Inspiration – 80-year-old Passes Test Pass Your Driving Test Inspiration – 80-year-old Passes Test
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Pass Your Driving Test Inspiration – Man Aged 80 Passes Driving Test

If ever you need encouragement that you can pass your driving test, this blog is a must read. Recently, an 80-year-old learner proved that you’re never too old to pass your driving test.

Book Theory Test Today says: “To pass your driving test requires nerve, skill, focus and belief in yourself. In August 2014, we wrote the blog ‘Am I too Old to Learn to Drive?’

It was a huge hit because it challenged the idea that people of a certain age would never pass their driving test and since we wrote it news stories keep coming in of learners in their ‘wiser’ years defying the odds to land a driving licence. If you need encouragement to pass your driving test, 80-year-old Joe Price’s story will help.”

Joe’s story

Joe lives in Meliden, North Wales and he had stopped driving over 10 years ago. However, when his wife, Joan, was diagnosed with dementia and unable to continue driving, Joe took the decision to get back behind the wheel.

Joe, what encouraged you to pass your driving test?

Joe said: “The support of my family and the time and money I’d already invested. Don’t get me wrong, at times I felt like giving up, but the perseverance has paid off giving me and my wife freedom and independence, brand new doors have been opened for us both.”

To pass your driving test at 80 is quite a remarkable achievement and serves to remind that anyone of any age is capable of getting a driving licence and Joe’s achievement has yielded much praise.


His daughter, Maureen, said: “I’m extremely proud of my dad, to pass your driving test and theory test without having ever used a computer is excellent. He’s been here, there and everywhere since passing. He passed on a Friday and by Saturday he took Mum out for a drive. They went for tea and went to see friends and he’s also gone off to play golf.”

Maureen added: “He’s probably a better driver now than he ever was. His instructor certainly kept him motivated and now my dad would say to anyone learning to drive – don’t give up.”

Simon Vickary, Joe’s instructor, said: “To pass your driving test at Joe’s age is an amazing achievement for so many reasons. He’s had to navigate the internet and when taking his theory test the first thing he said was ‘isn’t a mouse summat you give cheese to?’

I know of 17 and 18-year-old pupils who had at least 5 goes at the theory test, but Jo passed first time, no problems.”

Mr Vickary added: “He’d not used a computer in his life until July 2014 and had to learn from scratch while using a mouse with his weaker hand due to a disability affecting his right hand.

Joe did 15 refresher driving lessons and passed his driving test at the second time of asking after ten years without driving. Joe is proof that you can overcome hurdles in your life.”

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