Four Million UK Driving Licence Holders are Over 70 | Book Theory Test Today Blog Four Million UK Driving Licence Holders are Over 70 | Book Theory Test Today Blog
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Four Million UK Driving Licence Holders are Over 70

In a study conducted by the RAC foundation they have revealed that the number of people over 70 holding a UK driving licence has passed the four million mark for the first time ever.

The research revealed that 191 people, aged 100-years-old or more, hold a valid UK licence and that the oldest registered licence holder is a woman aged 107-years-old.

Motorists aged 70 or over are required, by law, to declare their fitness to drive every three years however, they are not required to re-sit a driving test in order to assess their ability, nor do they have to undergo a medical assessment.

In a statement from the RAC foundation they said: “Whilst there is no obligation for a senior driver to have their fitness for driving assessed, we recommend that those aged 70 or over give consideration to having their fitness monitored regularly.”

In a statement from Professor Stephen Glaister, the Director of the RAC foundation, he said: “In general, older drivers have an enviable safety record, but it is clear that faced with this critical yes-or-no decision, many motorists simply do not have a realistic view of their capabilities.”

The RAC foundation revealed that the official figure for the number of over-70s holding a UK driving licence is 4,018,900.

In a bid to enhance driver safety among older drivers, research charity Rica, alongside the RAC foundation, has produced a guide titled ‘Safe Driving for Life’ to help older drivers.

The guide offers tips for maintaining road safety and remaining vigilant on Britain’s roads as a senior driver.

Despite the RAC foundation’s research showing a peak number of over-70s holding a UK driving licence, the general consensus among drivers is that people ‘of a certain age’ should be forced to retake a driving test.

According to a survey carried out by well-respected publication, Auto Trader, 70% of respondents said they were ‘concerned’ by the actions of elderly drivers on Britain’s roads and should be made to take another driving test to ascertain their capabilities.

In a statement from Age UK, they said: “People bemoan the actions of elderly drivers however, they account for less accidents on the UK’s roads than those aged 17-24. Older people should be given support and information to assess whether they are fit and safe enough to continue driving and provided with additional training and information about car adaptations which could make driving easier and safer.”


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