Hundreds forced to retake Irish driving theory test Hundreds forced to retake Irish driving theory test
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Hundreds forced to retake Irish driving theory test following glitch

Find out how a technical glitch led to hundreds of learner drivers having to retake the Irish driving theory test.

Hundreds of learner drivers had to redo their Irish driving theory test after a routine software upgrade, back in June [2015], caused a glitch in the system leading to one of the theory test questions being marked as incorrect even though it was being answered correctly.

1,216 learner drivers were affected by the problem, but only 610 of those have retaken the test so far. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) in Ireland said that no one has passed the test that shouldn’t have passed.

Re-scoring request

The RSA only became aware of the rogue Irish driving theory test question while investigating a recent re-scoring request made by a candidate who had answered 34 of the 40 questions correctly and failed by just one question.

A statement from the RSA said: “While manually re-checking this particular candidate’s results file, we discovered that a single question had been marked as ‘incorrect’ even though the candidate had selected the ‘correct’ answer.”

“Each candidate affected by the glitch is being contacted by telephone and told they have passed the theory test and arrangements are being made to issue the necessary refunds. The initial exam results will be altered to reflect the correct score for all candidates,” the statement added.

Close to 100 per cent of the theory test candidates that the glitch affects have been contacted and less than 100 have yet to be informed. The RSA has said that every attempt would be made to reach those remaining candidates by the end of the working day on November 23.

The RSA, along with Prometric Ireland (who deliver the Irish driving theory test on behalf of the RSA), said that they ‘regret that the error occurred and apologise unreservedly to those theory test candidates affected.’ They further wanted to reassure learner motorists about to book an Irish driving theory test that the problem has now been resolved.

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