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West Midlands Driving Test

 West Midlands Driving test rates have plummeted making the region one of the hardest places to land a licence. It’s time to change that…

New Data Sees West Midlands Driving Test Pass Rates Plummet

West Midlands driving test pass rates have plummeted according to the latest data released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). New figures reveal the best and worst places to pass the driving test, and it seems the West Midlands has hit rock bottom. What’s gone wrong?

West Midlands driving test pass rates have sunk to a new low with a paltry 39.8% of learner drivers landing their licence, making it ‘the’ hardest region in Britain to become a fully-fledged motorist. Meanwhile, the toughest test centre in the country turned out to be in Belvedere, East London, with just 29.8% of candidates getting a pass certificate.

The Bedfordshire region had a low pass rate of 41 per cent, while Manchester-based test centres are also notoriously difficult when it comes to passing the practical exam. In rural areas, the story is different, with higher pass percentages than urban locations. This adds to the speculation that it’s easier to pass the driving test in areas experiencing less congestion.

Centres in Cheetham Hill, the aptly named Failsworth, Salford and Rochdale recorded an average pass rate of 36 per cent from 2,000 tests taken. That means 1,280 candidates heard those dreaded words ‘I’m sorry to say that you’ve not passed on this occasion.’

Why have West Midlands driving test pass rates plummeted?

There are a number of theories behind poor West Midlands driving test pass percentages. Pitiful preparation and taking the test too soon are some of the excuses that have emerged.

However, considering the DVSA announced that pass rates were 4 per cent higher compared with 2015/16 figures, driving test woes in the West Midlands make the region’s figures even more depressing.

Battle of the sexes

Unsurprisingly, given that the trend has been the same for many years, males are more likely to pass the practical exam. Don’t worry ladies, you outperform the men when it comes to the driving theory test.

However, maybe the tide will turn in favour of the females when the new look practical driving test is launched countrywide on December 4, 2017. There have been rumblings in recent years that the practical part of the exam is outdated and in need of a refresh to ‘better reflect modern motoring.’

Yet, the new look test has been met with a mixed response, with many saying that it ‘won’t do enough to improve road safety.’ Meanwhile, the DVSA insists that the test changes will enable invigilators to ‘better assess the abilities of driving test candidates.’

It remains to be seen whether the new look practical exam will lead to an increase in pass rates or serve to see them plummet further. Watch this space!

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