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UK Driving Tests Restart in England

Learner driver happy that UK driving tests have resumed.

UK driving tests restarted in England on 22 July, but they won’t be the same as they were before. Learner drivers have eagerly been awaiting the restart of driving tests in the UK after they were suspended in March to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. After 4 long months they’re back, but not as they were.

Lessons and driving theory tests in England resumed on 4 July, but learners have been made to wait for more than two weeks to take a driving test. However, spare a thought for learner drivers in Wales, where practical tests won’t return until 17 August!

Oh… and learners in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where a date for the return of driving tests hasn’t even been announced.

Cancelled UK Driving Tests Prioritised

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will be prioritising UK driving tests that were cancelled as a result of the pandemic, pushing new practical driving test bookings to the back of the queue.

In fact, no new bookings for practical driving tests are being accepted and the DVSA hasn’t specified when it will resume scheduling new test appointments.

Retake UK Theory Test

Bad news for learner drivers whose theory test certificate expired during lockdown… the DVSA has said that you will have to retake your theory test because legally, your theory test certificate cannot be extended under any circumstances.

Chief driving examiner at the DVSA, Mark Winn, said: “I know many learners are keen to take their driving test but it is vital they have the right skills and knowledge to help them through a lifetime of safe driving before attempting it. “

“Learners should practice driving on a variety of roads and in different driving conditions, so they are well prepared for driving independently,” Winn added.

Driving Test Changes

UK driving tests will be changed for the foreseeable future in accordance with health guidelines. When taking a test you will:

  • Have to wear a mask. However, if you can’t wear one because of a medical condition such as asthma, you will need to notify your test centre.
  • Find out midway through your test whether you’ve passed or failed, rather than at the end of your exam. If you commit a serious driving offence, the test will be stopped. This is to minimise the amount of time you spend in a vehicle.
  • Have to clean your car… if you’re using your own for your driving test.
  • Not be held in a driving test waiting room because they will be closed. You will need to wait outside until your test is ready to begin.
  • Not be allowed to have your driving instructor in the car.
  • Need to get out of the car to receive your test results.
  • Not be allowed to take your test if you’re displaying coronavirus symptoms

Book UK Driving Tests With Us

If you need to rebook a driving test cancelled as a result of coronavirus or you need to retake your theory test because your certificate has expired, we can help. To rebook a practical driving test or an appointment to retake your theory test, try our service today.

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