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UK Drivers with Glasses Face £1,000 Fines

UK drivers with glasses could be subject to £1,000 fines if their spectacles steam up while wearing face masks. It’s unclear if fines will apply to learner drivers or those taking a driving test. It’s also unknown how the rule will be enforced, but UK drivers with glasses are being urged to take extra caution when wearing masks.

Amid coronavirus cases rising once again in the UK and fears of a second wave, the UK government has made face masks mandatory in shops, supermarkets, banks, takeaways and for driving lessons and practical tests. Face masks are also compulsory for taxi drivers and bus drivers.

However, for some drivers, wearing a mask could now land them a £1,000 fine. Motoring experts are now warning drivers to ensure that their face covering does not obstruct their vision or become a distraction while driving.

Why are UK Drivers with Glasses Being Targeted?

UK drivers with glasses are being targeted because spectacles steaming up is a common problem for those who wear them while driving. It can temporarily cause loss of vision and become a distraction as motorists try to clear their glasses, according to motoring experts.

There are fears that improper wearing of face masks will make the problem worse for many UK drivers with glasses, making them a danger to themselves and others if they’re driving at the time.

With millions of people now returning to work and commuting by car, those wearing glasses and face masks could be fined if coverings cause their spectacles to steam up.

Face Masks a Distraction

As well as impairing vision, there are fears that face masks will be a distraction to drivers if they need to adjust them or remove them while behind the wheel.

Spokesperson at Feel Good Contacts, Nimesh Shah, said: “Face coverings are an absolute necessity to the way we live our lives given the ongoing global pandemic, but it’s also crucial that they don’t interfere with our lives to the extent where they could be putting drivers, passengers and other road users at risk on the nation’s roads.”

“Since lockdown came into force at the end of March, we have received hundreds of enquiries relating to the fogginess of glasses due to face coverings, with many even deciding to make the switch to lenses as a result.”

Learner Drivers and Driving Test Candidates

It’s unclear whether learner drivers or driving test candidates wearing glasses will be subject to fines if stopped by the police for having foggy glasses.

To be on the safe side, Book Theory Test Today recommends that when wearing a face mask, it’s fitted correctly to prevent it impairing vision and becoming a distraction.

UK motoring expert, Ranjen Gohri, said: “Long-established research has shown that the human ability to multi-task declines with age, but it’s important to stress that older drivers are not ‘worse’ drivers than younger people.”

“However, it does point to them suffering a reduction in their ability to perform two unexpected tasks at the same time and to switch easily between tasks.

It also reinforces the message that any distractions while driving can be seriously detrimental to concentration and performance,” Gohri added.

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