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Should topics from the driving theory test be taught in schools?

Book Theory Test Today presents the case for taking driving theory test questions to the classroom… It’s no secret that Britain’s youngest motorists account for the highest number of serious injuries and fatalities on the country’s roads. Every year this trend only seems to get worse, with no apparent solution being put in place, yes there’s talk of a graduated licencing scheme, but nothing concrete. But, what if topics from the driving theory test hit the classroom? OK, teaching topics from the driving theory test to primary school kids might be a little farfetched, but there’s no apparent reason why adding topics relating to the driving theory test can’t be added to the National Curriculum at secondary school level. For many children leaving school after their GCSEs, driving could become a big part of their lives. For those staying on and taking ‘A’ levels, they could be driving while they’re still at school.

Why teach topics from the driving theory test in schools?

The children are already in a natural learning environment and many will have aspirations to drive as soon as they’re old enough, leaving them open to be educated. Topics from the driving theory test will engage them because motoring could potentially become a big part of their lives. Future motorists become educated at an earlier age and will give them a greater appreciation of the driving theory test. Rather than viewing it as ‘another of life’s exams’, an obstacle to be overcome, because they’re exposed to the importance of the test and they understand that it will make them better drivers, they value the reasons why they have to sit a driving theory test. Educating potential young motorists at an earlier age will have a positive impact on their driving ability. It will undoubtedly make them safer and more aware of the responsibilities that come with driving. Yes, children are constantly ‘educated’ on the dangers of driving with garish videos aimed at scaring them into being good drivers. However, rarely is a secondary school student exposed to the positive side of Britain’s young drivers. For example, those secondary school aged children who take part in the young driver of the year awards. Tackling topics from the driving theory test in a positive fashion will help to change a young person’s mindset from thinking - ‘all the teachers and the police do is show us videos of horrible accidents involving young drivers being irresponsible’ – to – ‘wow, I could be like that kid in that video winning a young driver of the year award.’ Is it totally unrealistic to think that bringing topics from the driving theory test into the classroom would have a positive impact? If authorities believe that teaching sex education in secondary schools is beneficial, then discussing driving theory test topics can be too. Just a thought.

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