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Is this You? New Record Set for Number of UK Driving Theory Tests Failed

107 – That’s the number of times an unnamed, 28-year-old Londoner has failed the UK Driving Theory Test. The hapless hopeful has spent a staggering £3,317 attempting to pass the UK Driving Theory Test, but so far, has only succeeded in setting a new UK record for the most number of times a theory test has been failed. With the test costing £31 a time the learner has racked up a staggering bill in a bid to pass the test, which includes a 57 minute multiple choice exam requiring a score of 43 out of 50 in order to pass, along with a hazard perception test requiring a pass mark of 44 out of 75. For this unfortunate learner the coveted Theory Test pass certificate remains elusive and then there is the matter of overcoming the practical driving test. The current record for the most number of practical driving tests failed stands at 36, set by a an unnamed 40-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent. However, this story had a happy ending with the person passing at the 37th attempt. With the practical test costing £62 a time on weekdays or £75 for an evening, weekend or bank holiday appointment, it’s estimated that the unnamed 40 year-old-spent approximately £2,294 in a desperate bid to pass, which let’s face it, could have paid for a decent second hand motor. In a statement from an AA Driving School spokesperson, they said: “This is an unusually high number of test attempts, but it is important to remember that everyone learns at their own pace. Their determination to pass highlights how important learning to drive is to most people. It is a milestone that many people aspire to achieving because of the freedom and independence it brings.” said: “Holding such records is obviously something people don’t want publicised and have rightly remained anonymous to stave off public humiliation and embarrassment.” continued: “One of the advantages of our service, compared with booking directly with the DVLA, is that we offer free resits for customers who fail the UK Driving Theory Test. The people highlighted in this story would not have spent anywhere near these amounts should they have booked using our service.” Want to avoid failing your UK Driving Theory Test 107 times? Contact today. Free resit thrown in as an added incentive if you don’t pass first time round. Save time, save money.

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