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Eight driving theory test questions catching even the most experienced motorists out

It’s no secret that when asked if they think they would pass the driving theory test in its current form, many experienced motorists say ‘no’. Now, a new survey by insurance firm Aviva, has revealed the eight most common theory test questions that experienced motorists who took their exams years ago, get wrong…

Aviva insurance recently quizzed 1,000 ‘experienced’ motorists, asking them to answer questions from the driving theory test. Shockingly, just one in eight drivers passed! Aviva, an insurance, savings and investment firm, revealed the eight questions from the driving theory test that survey participants frequently got wrong.

Can you answer the following driving theory test questions correctly?

1. When is it okay to undertake a vehicle?

2. In good conditions, what’s the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?

3. You're driving down a long, steep hill. You suddenly notice that your brakes aren’t working as well as normal. What’s the usual cause of this?

4. At a pelican crossing, what must you do when the amber light is flashing?

5. You take the wrong route and find you’re on a one-way street. What should you do?

6. Why are these yellow lines painted across the road? (55% of Aviva’s survey participants answered this question incorrectly).

7. As well as holding a full licence, what are the other requirements for those supervising learner drivers?

8. You’re towing a small trailer on a busy three-lane motorway. What must you do if all the lanes are open?

What are the answers to these driving theory test questions?

#1 – Just one in three people (27%) from the survey answered question one correctly, making it the most commonly failed question. There are several possible answers to this question, including:

· in slow-moving traffic queues, when the vehicles in the right-hand lane are moving more slowly

· when the vehicle in front is signalling to turn right

· when you’re in a one-way street

#2 – A staggering 72% of motorists answered question two incorrectly. The answer is 96 metres (315 feet), or 24 car lengths.

#3 – The answer is… your brakes are most likely overheated.

#4 - The Highway Code states that, when the amber light is flashing at a pelican crossing – a signal-controlled crossing where a flashing amber light follows red – you must give way to pedestrians already on the crossing.

#5 – Every instinct will be to stop and turnaround or even reverse, but you should always continue to the end of the road!

#6 - The yellow lines featured in the image above are painted across the road to make you aware of your speed.

#7 - By law, in addition to holding a full licence for three years or more (and not be subject to a ban), you must also be at least 21 years old in order to supervise a learner driver.

#8 - According to motorway rules and regulations, you must only use the left-hand and centre lanes when towing; any vehicle which is towing a trailer of any size is not allowed in

the outside lane of a motorway if it has three or more lanes. However, this rule does not apply to a motorway that only has two lanes.

There you have it, eight driving theory test questions that even the most experienced motorists have trouble answering. However, you’re better prepared now, so it’s time to book your driving theory test!

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