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Driving Test FAQs: Are Student Discounts Available for Practical and Theory Tests?

Driving Test FAQs: Are Student Discounts Available for Practical and Theory Tests?

One of the most common driving test FAQs, college and university students often ask ‘are student discounts available for the practical driving exam and driving theory test?’

Becoming a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) has many benefits if you are studying in higher education. Unfortunately, those benefits don’t stretch to practical or theory test discounts.

Having an NUS card can get you discounts on retail items, travel tickets, food and a whole heap more. Student life can be very expensive, even more so if you’re learning to drive in the midst of your studies.

Paying for weekly driving lessons, practical and theory test resources etc…

can really see costs mount up and we understand why you’d be looking to cut the cost of learning to drive. Unfortunately, your student discount card can’t help cut the cost of the practical driving exam and theory test.

However, it’s not all bad news! While you may not be able to enjoy a discount on practical or theory tests, an NUS card can still help you cut the cost of learning to drive while you’re studying.

Driving School Discounts

Many driving schools offer discounts to students with a valid NUS card. These discounts can apply to hourly lesson rates or intensive driving courses, which could help you fast track your way to taking, and passing a theory test and practical exam.

Discount ranges vary, with some driving schools offering £2 off hourly lessons, while others offer up to 30% off intensive courses.

When choosing a driving school, be sure to ‘shop’ around, ask if they offer student discounts, and go with the one that gives you the best value for money.

A student discount card can also be used in many bookstores, which is handy for stocking up on your driving theory test resources. Although taking a theory test will add to your study quota, at least you can enjoy a discount on the resources you will need to pass the exam.

The benefits of an NUS card don’t stop once you’ve passed your test either. A valid NUS card can help you get cheaper car insurance, discounts on fuel and more. The trick is to ‘always be asking’ can I get a student discount on that?

Happy motoring!

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