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Practical Driving Test Applicants Plummet Since New Exam Introduced

Since the introduction of satnav driving and new motoring manoeuvres in December 2017, the number of practical test applicants has plummeted by 10%, according to official figures. However, it could be good for you! Fewer applicants means shorter driving test waiting times. Book yours, today!

Between January and March 2018, the number of learner drivers booking and taking a practical driving test hit 428,000 compared with 478,000 for the same period in 2017. The Department for Transport (DfT) conceded that the decline ‘could be as a result of introducing the new driving test.’

One theory is that more learners are worried about failing the new driving test, resulting in further expenses. In the most significant shakeup to driver testing since the theory test was introduced in 1996, the new practical driving exam was introduced on 4 December, 2017.

What Does The New Practical Driving Test Involve?

The new look practical driving exam includes:

* Following instructions from a satnav

* A period of independent driving doubled to 20 minutes

* A refreshed selection of manoeuvres deemed more realistic, such as parallel parking rather than reversing round a corner


Director of motoring research charity the RAC Foundation, Steve Gooding, said: “The new driving test is about improving standards, so if these figures are the result of instructors taking a bit of extra time to ensure their pupils are ready for the exam, then that is good for both road safety and learners themselves.”

“Taking and failing a test leads to more expense, and delays the point at which people can have the mobility they want and need.”

Practical Test Pass Rate Plunges

Meanwhile, as the number of practical test applicants plunges, so too does the practical test pass rate. Since the launch of the new driving test, the pass rate plummeted to a nine-year low of 45%, representing a 2% drop compared to the first quarter of 2017

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