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5 Reasons Why Teenagers Will Fail Their Driving Theory Test

Sorry for picking on you teens, but knowing the 5 most common reasons for failing the driving theory test will help you to avoid a similar fate. It’s for your own good, unless you want to keep paying over and over again. Hopefully, we can avoid that by educating you on the importance of readying yourself for the exam.

The driving theory test of yesteryear was nothing more than road signs randomly shown to candidates at the end of a practical driving test. Today, it’s the equivalent of taking an exam at school, except everything is computerised and you can’t even take your pen and paper in, let alone your smartphone.

More than 50 percent of learner drivers fail the theory test, most of them teens aged 17-19. But what are the common reasons for failing and how can you stop yourself from making the same mistakes?

#1 – Not turning up on time

A lot of teens are notorious for not turning up to their driving theory test on time. For some, they arrive too late to even take the exam, so it’s over before it even begins.

Get to the test centre 30 minutes before your theory test appointment. Make sure you have the right paperwork with you, including both parts of your provisional licence, your booking confirmation number and ideally, your confirmation letter.

#2 – Lack of practice Too many teens rock up at the theory test centre thinking they can just breeze through it without having to revise. The exam is an intense, rapid-fire series of multiple choice questions with a time limit. The pressure’s on and you need to know your stuff. Get just 8 questions wrong and you fail, it’s that simple.

Practice, practice and practice some more. There are a whole bunch of books, CDs, DVDs and software resources available to pit your wits against the theory test before you do it for real. There’s no excuse not to practice!

#3 – A shortage of basic road knowledge It’s amazing how many teens have never even looked at the Highway Code before their theory test. Learn it inside and out. You need to get to grips with road signs too. Questions about road signs are the ones that trip teens up the most.

#4 – Poor time management

Too many teens get caught up trying to answer a question they don’t necessarily know the answer to straight away. Move on and come back to it. Leave yourself time to review your answers and come back to questions you couldn’t answer initially. If you spend 5 minutes on each question, you will quickly run out of time.

#5 – Spotting hazards

The hazard perception test has been the undoing of many teens. Despite mastering the multiple choice section of the theory test, teen performance on the hazard perception test has contribruted to countless theory test failures. Spotting hazards is something you should be learning during your driving lessons. Be aware, as it will help you during your theory test.

There you have it, the 5 most common reasons for driving theory test failure. Now you know them, you can avoid them.

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