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Nearly 300 Candidates Get Every Theory Test Question Wrong

Astonishing new data shows that nearly 300 learners got EVERY theory test question wrong. The data, published by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), highlights the importance of doing the recommended 20 hours of revision to prepare for the theory test, which costs £23 a time.

According to the DSA data, a staggering 279 learner drivers completely flunked by getting every theory test question wrong, sparking fears that many candidates don’t either bother revising or referring to the Highway Code and put all their hopes of passing the test on chance.

Worryingly, even though the test features 50 multiple-choice questions, the data further reveals that 222 people scored just one correct answer, while a whopping 1,603 answered ten questions or fewer correctly.

Randomly Guess Theory Test Question Answers 

The DSA claims that even if candidates were to randomly guess an answer to a theory test question, they should get at least 12 right, because every question comes with four possible answers.

Campaign groups have blasted the flunking candidates, questioning whether they even take the theory test seriously. One campaign group said: “To score zero is ‘quite an achievement’.”

While it is acknowledged that some theory test questions are difficult, it’s generally agreed that many just require common sense. There are around 1,000 questions in the UK theory test database, from which candidates are expected to answer 50, selected entirely at random.

Theory Test Questions Catching Candidates Out

The DSA referred to one theory test question, which was answered incorrectly quite frequently…

… The question asks ‘You’ve been involved in an argument that has made you feel angry. What should you do before starting your journey?’ The four answer options include:

  • Open a window
  • Turn on the radio
  • Drink an alcoholic drink
  • Calm down

The proportion of people that did not select the answer ‘calm down’ is ‘quite shocking’, the DSA said.

Meanwhile, responses to the question ‘A driver’s behaviour has upset you. What can you do to safely get over this incident?’ included a huge number of incorrect answers such as shout abuse, gesture to them with a hand or follow the driver flashing your headlights at them, rather than the correct answer, which is to stop and take a break.

Founder of, Ernesto Suarez, said: ‘It’s quite an achievement for almost 300 people to score zero out of 50. They were either exhausted or came to a total dead-end in their knowledge.’

More Than One Million Pass Theory Test First Time

Despite the number of people completely blowing the theory test, of the 1.9 million theory tests taken in 2019, more than 1 million passed first time, scoring the required 43 or higher to get their theory test certificate.

Paul Silverwood, of the Under 17 Car Club charity, said: ‘The number who fail their theory tests first time is disturbing. It suggests not just a reluctance to do the essential reading… but also a failure to comprehend that the cost of a resit outweighs the cost of a Highway Code or the many revision aids available.’

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