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How Long Is A Theory Test Certificate Valid

Many people have passed the theory test, but don’t realise that it has an expiration date. Book Theory Test Today answers the question of ‘how long is the UK theory test certificate valid?’

The path to gaining a full UK driving licence is an expensive one, you have to pay for your provisional licence, driving lessons, your theory test and then your practical test.

However, many individuals have added to their costs by failing to take their UK practical driving test within two years of receiving their theory test certificate.

That’s right folks…Your theory test certificate is valid for a period of two years and failure to pass your driving theory test within that time will result in you having to take the theory test all over again, adding to your expenses in the quest to obtain a full driving licence.

Why are theory test certificates expiring?

How does this happen? The most common reason for this is cost. While most people pay for the provisional licence, theory test and go onto to pass their practical driving test, a small minority do not.

They do pay for their provisional licence and even pass the theory test. However, the cost of continuing lessons and paying for the practical test itself are often expenses too far. This means that theory test certificates expire and the unfortunate individual finds themselves having to start the process again.

Research tells us that this problem is common among students who are already living on the edge financially, struggling to juggle university/college fees and the cost of living. Paying for driving lessons and a practical driving test are considered luxuries.

However, we urge those hesitating to take a driving test – despite holding a valid theory test certificate – to take and pass the driving test as soon as possible because the financial ramifications for failing to do so could be costly.

Not only does it prove to be a waste of money it also denies the opportunity to experience the independence that driving brings. Freedom from public transport and the ability to travel as and when you choose without being subjected to timetables are just two of the benefits.

In the interests of preserving your bank balance, if you hold a valid theory test certificate get your driving test done and passed as soon as you can as it will prove much more beneficial to you financially in the long-term.

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