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Driving theory test could be ‘dead’ in 15 years

A leading car insurance company predicts that the driving theory test and practical exam could be scrapped within 15 years. Why? Driverless cars, which look set to revolutionise the way people travel.

The boss of insurance company Axa UK, Amanda Blanc, has predicted that ‘babies born in 2017 may never have to take the driving theory test and practical exam.’ Blanc thinks that a surge in the use of driverless cars will make the practical exam and driving theory test obsolete by as early as 2032.

However, despite acknowledging that driverless cars will one day take over Britain, she wasn’t necessarily convinced it was a good thing. She warned that insurance companies would have to adjust to the new technology by coming up with a way to account for car accidents of the future, given that humans will be chauffeured around by computers.

Theory test and practical exam on their last legs?

Over the years the practical exam and driving theory test have undergone several changes in a bid to keep pace with life on Britain’s roads, and to educate drivers. However, despite these changes accident rates and death tolls continue to rise on the country’s roads, mostly involving young people.

Blanc thinks that driverless cars will reduce accident rates, leading to cheaper insurance premiums. However, driverless cars are not without their disasters, with a number of high profile collisions reported, both minor and fatal.

In June 2016, 40-year-old Joshua Brown was killed on a highway in Florida after his autonomous Tesla crashed into an 18-wheel truck. The Model S car was in autopilot mode and was reportedly ‘driving rapidly’, according to an article published by BT.

In September last year (2016), a driverless Google Lexus careered through red lights, triggering the vehicle’s air bags following a collision with a bus at a crossroads in California. The car had to be towed away.

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