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Things That Arent on the UK Driving Test But Should Be | Part 2

Following on from part one of things that should be on the UK driving test, but aren’t, part two explores why another theory test is needed, how to pull up to a ticket machine, how to fuel a car and coping with shock. Strap yourselves in for some more humorous anecdotes…

If you haven’t heard, the practical UK driving test is changing. It’s out with the reverse around the corner and the three-point turn. In comes satnav assisted driving and bay parking, but some dissenting voices say that the changes are not enough, and they demand that learner drivers are tested on things that reflect driving in the ‘real world.’

Without further ado, here are more things that Chronicle Live proposes that wannabe drivers should be subject to prior to taking the UK driving test:

1. Another driving theory test

A controversial proposal, but let’s face it, all learner drivers are guilty of forgetting every scrap of information from the Highway Code as soon as the theory test is out of the way.

2. Pulling up to a ticket machine

One thing Britain isn’t short of is a car park that swallows your well-earned pounds. More often than not, it’s a machine that wants your money in exchange for a ticket before entering or leaving a car park.

Some machines are a bit of a faff, requiring you to pull up as close as you can, wind the window down and get a ticket before you go in or insert one to win your freedom. For new drivers, getting this process wrong involves hilarious efforts to retrieve tickets.

To avoid having to have your passengers grab you by the ankles because you’ve parked six feet from the machine, pulling up to one should be included on the UK driving test.

3. Fuelling up and inflating tyres

Honestly, it’s baffling as to why fuelling a car or inflating tyres are not included as part of driving lessons. After all, learners are taught how to operate a car, but learning the basics of maintaining a car… no that’s something you have to figure out for yourself once

you’ve passed your test. It doesn’t make sense! It’s an oversight that needs to be put right.

4. Coping with shock

New drivers should be prepared for the shock of their first insurance quote and the cost of a lifetime’s worth of driving. This is a quick lesson to learn, but instructors are advised to break the news while a vehicle is stationary.

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