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The driving test IS as stressful as school exams

Rookie motorists think that the driving test causes just as much stress and anxiety as academic exams. You probably agree. New research conducted by youth insurance provider, Marmalade, found that the driving test is just as stressful as GCSEs and A Levels for many young motorists.

Following a survey of 1,800 young motorists, 50 percent of respondents feel just as anxious about taking the UK practical driving test as they do about taking their school exams. Meanwhile, only 39 percent were more concerned about their school exams, while 11 percent weren’t really fussed either way.

A lot of research has gone into the pressures young people find themselves under when taking exams. Despite there being several resources available that can help young motorists alleviate the stress of the driving test, rookies still feel anxious about getting behind the wheel.

While the stress of academic exams passes, we appreciate that it doesn’t when driving as many motorists still feel anxious, even after passing the practical driving test.

Provisional licences issued increases

The new research comes as it was announced that the number of provisional driving licences issued in the UK has increased by eight percent in the last four years. However, there has been a drop of six percent in the number of young motorists becoming fully fledged drivers.

Fewer people taking the driving test

This indicates that fewer learner drivers are taking the driving test or more are failing and not re-attempting the exam. Recent data shows that 164,282 more young people aged 17 to 24 had provisional licences in 2016 than in 2014, but 187,137 fewer were registered as having a full driving licence.

For the same time period, among drivers aged 17 to 19, the number of provisional driving licences issued was up by 10 percent. However, qualified driver figures were down by 8 percent.

The cost of learning to drive and recently announced changes to the practical driving test have been cited as ‘stress’ factors, while theory test revision further adds to the pressure wannabe motorists find themselves under.

If you’re looking to take your practical driving test, take a look at our handy guide to reducing driving test stress.

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