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Practical driving test changes getting ridiculous?

Like it or not, the practical driving test is changing. As of 4 December, 2017 a new look exam for learner drivers will be rolled out across Britain. Rumours about what will be included as part of practical driving test changes have spread like wild fire, but which are fact and which are fiction? Let’s find out…

Sat navs, no more three-point turns and the introduction of reverse parking into a space WILL be part of the new look practical driving exam coming to a test centre near you 4 December, 2017. What about proof that you can honk the horn, open car windows and washing the windscreen?

Nah… surely the DVSA is just messing with us, right? Wrong… Believe it not, learner drivers will be tested on horn honking, window opening and windscreen wiping as part of practical driving test changes.

The ridiculous requests are part of a new element of the practical driving test known as the ‘show me, tell me’ section. Student motorists will be expected to either honk the horn, operate a window or wash the windscreen while maintaining control of the vehicle during the test.

Practical driving test changes gone mad or much needed?

According to the DVSA, the new measures have been put in place amid concerns that people passing the driving test are having too many accidents within months of driving in ‘real-world’ conditions. The practical driving test changes will examine whether student drivers can manage regular tasks while operating a vehicle safely.

Chief driving examiner for the DVSA, Lesley Young, said: “With less than three months to go until the practical driving test changes, it’s important that learner drivers work with their driving instructor to make sure they can carry out all of these tasks safely.”

Prior to a practical driving exam starting, candidates will need to answer a ‘tell me’ question, describing how they would carry out various safety checks on their vehicle. For example, how they would check the indicators are working.

However, perhaps most ruthless, is that if a candidate fails to operate their vehicle safely while honking their horn, opening a window or washing the windscreen, they will automatically fail their practical driving test.

Young said: “Asking a ‘show me’ question while driving will be valuable preparation for the types of things drivers need to do safely while driving in the real-world.”

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