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New Theory Test Planned for L Plate Scooter Riders

Learner motorcyclists face having to take a new theory test as part of Compulsory Basic Training shakeup. What will this mean for Britain’s bikers when the CBT undergoes a radical overhaul for the first time in nearly 30 years? Here’s what we know…

In a bid to crackdown on motor bike riders who rack up six penalty points within two years of passing their test, the government is introducing tough new rules that will see offenders banned from Britain’s roads.

Teen scoter riders using L-plates after taking the CBT course face having their licence invalidated if caught breaking the law. They will be forced to take another CBT course prior to being allowed back on the road or allowed to take a full motorbike test.

The CBT course, which has remained largely unchanged since 1990, is set for an overhaul that will include a new theory test for L-plate riders. As part of new CBT rules, riders will now be required to ‘know and understand’ rather than ‘being taught’ how to ride safely.

Learning motorcycle theory This means bikers must have an understanding of equipment, safety clothing, motorcycle theory and a knowledge of practical road skills. Meanwhile, testers and examiners will also be in the spotlight as part of the new rules, following a 12-month consultation by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The DVSA is also considering a new training option that would allow riders under the age of 24 to learn on larger, more powerful bikes. Training would involve a progressive learning scheme, rather than having to take an additional practical test.

New theory test and CBT rules to improve road safety

The changes look set to be made in 2019 as the government looks to improve road safety. Of the 1,792 deaths on UK roads last year, 319 were motorcyclists - with a third under the age of 24, according to official records.

Road safety minister, Jesse Norman said: “These improvements should equip learners with a wider range of experience and better riding skills, helping to make our roads safer for everyone.”

The DVSA’s head of rider and vocational policy, Mark Winn, added: “We want to reduce the risk they face by introducing more realistic and individually tailored training, provided by better qualified instructors.”

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