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Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, Challenges Experienced Drivers to Pass UK Driving Theory Test has learnt that the face of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, has challenged ‘experienced drivers’ to take the UK driving theory test challenge in order to put them in the same scenario that many young drivers face in order to acquire a driving licence. Martin Lewis comments: “There exists a generation of drivers who were never subjected to the UK Driving Theory Test as it didn’t exist. A minority of those drivers believe that young drivers are able to obtain a driving licence far too easily nowadays. The purpose of this challenge is to test whether ‘experienced’ drivers could in fact pass the modern day driving theory test.” The challenge, which can be found on the Money Saving Expert website, provides links to some ‘mock’ theory tests encouraging those tempted by a challenge to ‘pit their wits’ against the exam, which is now a requirement by law in the UK as part of the process for a UK driving licence. Lewis has issued the challenging whilst currently applying for a motorcycle licence and having been a car driver for 22 years never had to face the theory test. However, in order to obtain a motorcycle licence, Lewis needs to pass the motorbike theory test. In a statement from Lewis, he said: “As is usual for me, I’d no spare time, so detailed revision wasn’t really on the cards and as my plan was theory test first then lessons after, the only rehearsal I did was a few practice motorbike theory tests the night before. I can now honestly say that young drivers have it far from easy.” How did Martin Lewis do? Lewis said: “In my first practice I did manage to pass, but only just, scraping the 43 needed out of 50, with no safety margin. While many of the questions were obvious, I didn’t have a clue about different types of pedestrian crossings (eg, toucan and puffin), the official stopping times, tooting your horn times, and definitely not motorcycle maintenance things.” A spokesperson for said: “This is great publicity for the UK driving theory test and should serve as an encouragement to young drivers looking to take their theory test. The fact that experienced road users are taking part in this challenge, and finding it difficult, communicates to young people that their peers now understand the pressures of the theory test.” Martin Lewis stated that he did find that taking mock motorcycle theory tests proved worthwhile and has now urged other drivers that passed their driving test before the theory test existed to get involved. Ready to book your theory test? Book now with, free retest if unsuccessful on your first attempt. Book Theory Test Today offers an intermediary service assisting clients with booking a UK Driving Theory Test at test centres across the nation. The service also supplies resources to help you prepare for your Driving Theory Test.

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