Learning to Drive: The Number One Mistake Made by Learners Learning to Drive: The Number One Mistake Made by Learners
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Learning to Drive:The Number One Mistake Made by Learners

A driving instructor has broken the silence on the secrets of how to drive and the mistakes that new motorists frequently make. The anonymous instructor shared his experiences of teaching people to drive with some surprising secrets about learning to drive.

In an exclusive interview with WhatCar? the anonymous instructor shared stories from his 12 years in the passenger seat, revealing some of the biggest mistakes made by people when learning to drive.

Top of the list was pupils getting overwhelmed by their vehicle, which causes massive distractions. Because driving a car is such a new thing, learners pay very little attention to the road. Instead they’re concentrating on finding things like the indicator switch, and they’re having to take their eyes off the road because they’re unfamiliar with driving.

Some Problems with Learning to Drive not Caused by Pupils

Next on the list of problems when learning to drive isn’t actually caused by the pupils at all, the anonymous instructor said. Controlling parents cause pupils a number of problems. The instructor recounted a father who stressed his daughter out over a small driving error.

The instructor asked his pupil to pull over near her house, as he had spotted her father getting into his vehicle. However, the father shouted at his daughter because he believed she was parking dangerously, causing her to get upset and stressed. This resulted in the pupil crashing into her father’s car.

The incident ended up costing the instructor his £400 insurance excess fee.

Meanwhile, the oldest pupil the instructor ever had ‘learning to drive’ was a 64-year-old gentleman who’d in fact been driving illegally for 30 years on a provisional driving licence.

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