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UK Car Theory Test Colouring Book Created!

Struggling to pass your UK car theory test? An award-winning, Scottish entrepreneur has created the world’s first educational UK car theory test colouring book. Having struggled himself to pass the theory test, Edinburgh-born Matthew Carter created the book based on research.

Carter’s research indicated that colouring has a positive effect on memory, therefore his newly created colouring book makes it easier to remember information relating to the UK car theory test.

The innovative new book has been designed to engage learners using diagrams rather than descriptions, with the aim of improving car theory test pass rates in Britain, which are currently below 50 percent.

UK car theory test colouring book endorsed by instructors

‘The Theory Test Educational Book for Learners: A Colouring Book’ has been endorsed by multiple driving instructors and those who have tried out the book. Many who have used it have since gone on to pass their UK car theory test.

Instructors and users have described the book as a fantastic offline learning aid, which doesn’t come with all the distractions of using online learning tools. Users describe how the concise learning points, combined with beautiful illustrations to explain the learning points, means they can colour in the illustrations, making it easy to commit the theory to memory.

Carter described how he passed his UK car theory test at the second attempt after using his own book. He said: “After studying with my own colouring book, I passed on the second attempt.

These tests are vital to ensure new drivers understand road safety; the study done prior to the test is what shapes good drivers.” “I failed my own theory test shortly after graduating with a Masters in Product Design from Strathclyde University. I had used many different ways to try to memorise the answers, from monotonous apps to boring textbooks. It was then that I realised I needed to do more than learn answers by rote,” Carter added.

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