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Is There a Driving Theory Test Time Limit?

Is There a Driving Theory Test Time Limit?

Seeing a conversation develop on Twitter, Book Theory Test Today came across a very good question about the driving theory test in the UK. Is there a time limit on the theory exam? A few of the replies to this particular tweet said that candidates get as long as they need to complete the test. Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

Much like a school exam, the driving theory test in the UK is taken under timed conditions, just to add to the pressure. You don’t have time to dawdle, which makes revision and preparation for the exam all the more important.

Driving Theory Test Time Limit

Part one of the driving theory test is the multiple choice section, 50 rapid fire questions that will test your knowledge of road safety. You have just 57 minutes to answer all the questions… That’s 1 minute 14 seconds per question! You can flag questions and return to them later to avoid spending too long on one question.

If you’re unsure of the answer, move on. You only have to score 43 correct answers out of 50 to pass the theory exam. But be warned, if you fail the multiple choice section of the exam you will have to resit the entire theory test (at your expense) again #sadfaceemoji.

Before the multiple choice section begins, you will be given instructions on how the test works, plus you will get the chance to practice before you do it for real. Use this time to familiarise yourself with the touch screen computer system to answer questions.

What About the Hazard Perception Test?

After you’ve finished the multiple choice part of the driving theory test, you’re allowed a 3-minute break before you have to take the hazard perception part. The hazard perception test is NOT timed, you will be pleased to know. However, it only lasts 20 minutes and you cannot flag video clips and go back to them. You must pay attention.

There are other rules you will have to follow, too. Before the hazard perception test starts, you will be shown an explainer video. This tells you what you need to do. You will then be shown 14 video clips, each lasting approximately 60 seconds.

There are 15 hazards to spot across these 14 videos, some of which will show 2 developing hazards. The clips will have no sound and a 10 second countdown will appear before each video starts. You need to click the mouse when you think you see a hazard developing.

If you try to cheat the system, by clicking the screen erratically, you will be penalised. If you click more than 20 times on the screen, a warning will appear telling you that you have scored 0 on the clip and the test will move to the next video.

To pass the hazard perception section, you need to score 44 out 75 and although it’s not timed, it is perhaps more difficult because you do not get the chance to revisit a video clip if you miss anything.

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