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Book a practical driving test at certain times of day

Does the time that you book a practical driving test have any bearing on whether you will pass? Yes, according to data released by the DVSA following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, certain time slots appear to yield a higher pass rate. So, what are the best times of day to book a practical driving test? Let’s find out…

Book a practical driving test between 7pm and 9pm

Learner drivers who book a practical driving test between 7 – 9pm are the most likely to pass, according to DVSA data. 65% of candidates who take their test within this two hour window, pass. However, it will cost you! An evening test will set you back £75 compared to the day time rate of £62.

Don’t book a practical driving test between 11am and 1pm

Meanwhile, learner drivers who book a practical test between 11am and 1pm are more likely to fail the exam, with less than half (48%) getting their pass certificate. The data, requested by DayInsure, does away with the myth that candidates should avoid booking a practical driving test during rush hour or the school run.

A study carried out in Denmark in 2016 indicated that people taking any kind of test early in the morning are more likely to perform better, compared to the afternoon – at which point their cognitive function has dropped.

However, despite the earlier time slots of 7am to 9am (50%) and 9am to 11am (52%) having a better than 50% chance of passing, it’s way below the 65% pass rate registered by those taking an evening test, according to a Metro report.

Reduced levels of traffic account for higher evening pass rates

A DayInsure spokesperson said: “Reduced traffic levels account for higher evening pass rates, particularly after 7pm. Meanwhile, late morning and lunch time test takers have to contend with higher volumes of traffic, which is likely to cause more problems for new and nervous drivers.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, head of technical policy and advice at IAM Roadsmart, Tim Shallcross said: “The much greater success rate for tests taken in the evening is interesting – the most obvious difference is no daytime or rush hour traffic.”

“Quieter roads and most drivers in less of a hurry may well make the test less stressed and nerves are the most common reason for failing,” Shallcross added.

The FOI request also revealed that pass rates varied by region, with Leeds deemed to be the most difficult, where pass rates were a mere 35%, while Norwich proved to be the easiest with a 53% success rate.

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