Driving Test Cancellations Announced in Northern Ireland Driving Test Cancellations Announced in Northern Ireland
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Driving Test Cancellations Announced in Northern Ireland

Driving Test Cancellations in Northern Ireland.

If you had a driving test booked in Northern Ireland, it might be cancelled. It’s been brought to our attention that there have been nearly 1,000 driving test cancellations in Northern Ireland after coronavirus restrictions were further extended. Here’s what we know…

There have been 950 driving test cancellations announced in Northern Ireland by the Department for Infrastructure. Driving tests, and other close contact services, will now resume on 21 November after coronavirus restrictions in the country were further extended.

Driving instructor, Kay Bell, who’s based in Dundonald said that four of her pupils have had their driving test cancelled leaving them ‘disappointed and extremely frustrated’.

More Driving Test Cancellations  

Driving tests in Northern Ireland had only resumed in September having been cancelled due to March’s lockdown.

Lessons, theory tests and driving tests were again suspended in October, when the Northern Ireland executive announced new COVID-19 restrictions that would last for four weeks.

Ministers in Northern Ireland have now voted to extend those restrictions.

The Department for Infrastructure said: “To provide capacity for those customers who have had tests cancelled, the DVA is creating ‘additional slots’ in late November, December and January.”

The DVA in Northern Ireland has said that it will make all of February 2021’s test slots exclusively available to those who have had tests cancelled because of coronavirus restrictions.

Candidates Contacted by DVA

According to the Department for Infrastructure, the DVA has contacted approximately 950 candidates about driving test cancellations affecting those who had tests scheduled between 14 – 20 November.

A spokesperson said: “Candidates have been advised that their test is being cancelled and they will receive a full refund. The DVA will be in contact with those customers again week commencing 16 November with advice on how they can book a new driving test appointment.”

The Department said that a preliminary date of 21 November has been chosen to allow candidates time to access some tuition prior to taking their driving test.

Driving Lesson Backlog

The stop-start resumption of driving tests is now causing a driving lesson backlog, with some instructors reporting waiting lists as long as nine months.

Kay Bell said: “Until cancelled tests are taken, I’m unable to move my current students on to allow for the next group of learners. There’s only so many hours in the day and there’s only so much driving you can get done.”

Belfast-based driving instructor, Paul Scott, said that four of his students have also been hit by driving test cancellations between 17 and 20 November. He said that one of his learners has had their test cancelled three times since April.

Mr Scott said: “They’re not feeling very happy, they’re pretty shocked; particularly as we’ve had that four-week gap so a lot of them are possibly a little bit rusty in their skills. It demoralises them and knocks their confidence a bit, we will struggle to get them back up to speed again.”

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