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Book Theory Test Today - White Van Drivers Voted Worst for Tailgating Offences

Despite being subjected to the same theory test and practical driving exam as car drivers, white van drivers continue to ignore driving laws. Book Theory Test Today assesses the outcome of a recent survey, which votes white van drivers as the worst for tailgating. White van drivers have always carried a reputation for using intimidating tactics on Britain’s roads, forgetting their theory test education, disregarding their practical driving lessons and simply adopting aggressive driving tactics as soon as they have a licence, it’s almost a phenomenon. Now, according to a new survey, Book Theory Test Today can definitively state that British motorists have unanimously voted white van drivers as the UK’s worst road offenders. The survey, conducted by AXA business insurance revealed that van drivers are 47% more likely to be involved in a crash when following another motorist too closely. The survey also revealed that van drivers are more prone to crashing while reversing, performing a U-turn or changing lanes. They’re also most likely to cause an accident as a result of tiredness or distraction. But, it’s not all bad news for van drivers; the survey did reveal some positives. For instance, van drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident at a roundabout or in towns and cities when performing an overtaking manoeuvre. Van drivers are also deemed to be more confident motorists and are less likely to be involved in incidents where drinking or excessive speed are a factor. Van drivers in the UK are subjected to a similar theory test and practical exam as car drivers and in some cases they must also hold a car theory test certificate and driving licence as a condition of their profession. However, it would appear that the theory test and practical exam are failing to educate a minority of white van drivers who continue to flout the rules. Book Theory Test Today says: “Despite van drivers being safer than the average motorist in most UK regions, the study revealed that out of 1.3 million police crash reports from 2008-2012 a high proportion of van drivers were involved in such accidents, particularly in London and the North East of the country.” The survey also revealed that van drivers are more likely to experience a crash in the West Midlands and East Midlands areas. However, the chances of them being involved in an accident in Wales, North West England or South West England are minimal. In a statement from Darrell Sansom, director at AXA business insurance, he said: “The nation's van drivers play a vital role in our economy. Our report shows that, in many respects, they are professional, confident drivers who come out better than everyone else on things like speed, drink-driving and handling heavy traffic.” He added: “However we have to raise the red flag on issues like tiredness and tailgating. We're alerting the Government authorities to our findings and discussing our recommendations for addressing these issues.” It’s understood that one of the recommendations is to revoke driving licences and enforce a re-take of the driving theory test and practical exam. A spokesperson for the Department for Transport (DfT) said: “Speeding and tailgating intimidates other motorists and can cause accidents that cost lives. We take these issues very seriously and last year we increased the fines for speeding offences and introduced a new fixed penalty offence to make it easier for police to target tailgating drivers.”

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