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Book Theory Test Today Expos̩ РDrug Driving Increasing Among Young Motorists

1 in 12 young adults, operating a motor vehicle on Britain’s roads, admit to driving whilst impaired by illegal drugs Book Your Theory Test Today can reveal.

However, it’s an issue that is scarcely dealt with by the courts according to law enforcement authorities. Book Your Theory Test Today can reveal that authorities cannot gauge the number of drug users that take to Britain’s roads.

According to reports, the police, the Home Office and the Department for Transport (DfT) have been trying to compile accurate figures for at least a decade, but concede that much of the data is in fact based on guess work.

Police say that many young motorists are oblivious to the dangers of ‘drug driving’ as driving theory does not cover the problem as extensively as it does ‘drink driving’ for instance. Police also argue that the UK driving theory test does not provide enough questions about the subject in order to raise awareness that driving whilst impaired by drugs can be potentially fatal.

A recent survey revealed that one in nine young British motorists admitted to driving whilst on drugs during the last 12 months (2012-2013). It has also been confirmed that approximately 150 people per year are killed on Britain’s roads as a result of ‘drug driving’ (based on accidents reported). However, the official figure could be far higher given the number of potential accidents that are not reported involving ‘drug drivers’.

Road authorities stress that the issue is not being ignored and more is being done to make the topic more prominent within driving theory resources. However, many argue that authorities may have been discussing the problem for a decade, but that’s all it has been, talking. In terms of taking action, very little has been achieved and lives continue to be lost.

For police, the problem is extensive, particularly in proving that a suspected ‘drug driver’ is indeed intoxicated. Finding drugs in a driver’s bloodstream is not conclusive enough to lead to a prosecution; they must be able to prove beyond doubt that drug use was impacting the way in which a vehicle was being driven.

In a statement from a police spokesperson, speaking to ITV news, they said: “Driving theory needs to be improved in order to raise awareness of the problem. Questions about the dangers of drug use should be introduced to the UK driving theory test, dealing with the problem before young drivers take to the roads should be the goal. When a young person books a driving theory test for instance, literature regarding the effects of driving whilst drugged should be distributed.”

The spokesperson added: “If you fail a breath test after a couple of glasses of wine, you’ll face a ban – and rightly so. But, if you’re stopped after snorting cocaine and smoking a cannabis joint there’s not much the police can do. They’re not obliged to test you, they’re unlikely to have the right equipment and even if you do fail a test, it’s up to them to prove you posed a danger to other drivers.”

Book Your Theory Test Today understands that a new law is set to be introduced that will bring drug driving into line with drink driving. In order to enforce the new laws, police will be supplied with roadside drug testing kits.

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