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A New Way To Fail Your Driving Test Spectacularly

As stories of failing your driving test go, this is probably one of the most spectacular ways to guarantee that you won’t get a driving licence. It all began in Buffalo, Minnesota when a young woman got behind the wheel ready to take her driving test. What happened next is incredibly ironic!

There are several ways to fail your driving test, but a 17-year-old female in Buffalo, Minnesota failed her exam in the most ironic way – by ploughing her car though the wall of a driving test centre.

Having just settled in the automatic car to take her test, the teen accidentally put the vehicle into drive mode rather than reverse. The result? The young woman mounted the pavement and careened right through the wall of the driving test centre. Unsurprisingly, she instantly failed the test.

Failed Test, Injured Driving Examiner

The young woman emerged unharmed, however her 60-year-old driving examiner was taken to hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries. Thankfully, no one in the building was hurt and no charges were brought against the traumatised teen, after police were called to assess the damage caused by the 2014 Chevy Equinox.

A statement released by the Buffalo Police Department said: “The teenager was in the process of taking her road test at the driver’s license exam station... when she inadvertently put the vehicle in drive instead of reverse.”

“This resulted in the vehicle lurching forward when she accelerated, causing the car to move forward and over the curb, striking the building housing the exam station office,” the statement added.

Cockpit drill

The young lady’s ordeal is a stark reminder to carry out your cockpit drill when you’re about to take your driving test. It will help you to avoid accidents like this. Make sure your car is in the correct gear before you release the handbrake!

Once you’ve carried out the necessary DSSSM protocol…

· Doors

· Seat

· Steering

· Seat Belt

· Mirrors

…Check that the gear stick is in neutral and that the handbrake is firmly applied. When releasing the handbrake, touch the accelerator gently because if you’re in the wrong gear, you can quickly adjust it to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

To prevent getting heavy-footed on the accelerator, make sure your seat is adjusted correctly to operate the pedals. Then you’re all set to move off smoothly, hopefully without destroying the test centre and failing your driving exam.

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