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Ghost Broking Campaign Launched Book Your Theory Test Today Reveals

Recently, Book Your Theory Test Today issued a blog alerting young drivers to a new scam known as ‘ghost broking.’

With the number of reports concerning ghost broking rising by the day, Book Your Theory Test Today is pleased to announce that a high profile campaign, aimed at combating the problem, has officially been launched.

In a joint effort the Insurance Fraud Department, the Insurance Fraud Bureau, Crimestoppers and the Association of British Insurers has launched the campaign in a bid to raise awareness of the ghost broking scam that has made victims of thousands of young drivers.

Using the slogan ‘Get a Real Deal’, the campaign is aimed at young male motorists as they appear to be more specifically targeted by the ghost brokers.

The campaign will consist of an animated video that will be screened across popular social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Book Your Theory Test Today understands that the video urges young motorists to ‘use their common sense’ when purchasing insurance, adopting the ‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is’ stance.

The video also features a number of case studies outlining extreme examples whereby young motorists have paid thousands of pounds upfront thinking that their vehicle is insured only to discover, often in the event of an accident, they are in fact uninsured.

One campaign commentator said: “Such aspects of driving are simply not covered. Yes driving theory prepares you for how to pass a theory test or practical driving test, but offers little in the way of educating young motorists on how to insure their motor vehicle. There is quite simply a flaw in the process and young motorists need all the help they can get.”

Book Your Theory Test Today understands that since the launch of the campaign Ifed investigators recently arrested 27 suspected ghost brokers in a series of raid on residential and business premises.

Ifed’s biggest investigation to date, which was triggered by intelligence supplied by the IFB, led to the imprisonment of to ghost brokers embroiled in the UK’s largest fake insurance scam.

In a statement from the Deputy Head of Ifed, DI Dominic Parkin, he said: “Ghost broking is a nationwide problem which is now being met by a national law enforcement response. But making arrests and securing convictions is one piece of the puzzle – raising public awareness to prevent the fraudsters from duping young drivers is equally as important.”

He added: “The animated video is designed to grab young drivers’ attention and quickly inform them about the issue. We have asked police forces, insurers and universities to share it online with the aim to get it watched by as many motorists as possible. In doing this we will make life much more difficult for the fraudsters and easier for the driving public.”

All authorities involved in the campaign have stated that it has had a major impact in raising awareness among young motorists and also sends out a clear message to the ‘ghost brokers’ that

their fraudulent activity is on their radar and all scam artists caught will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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