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Where to Take Your Driving Theory Test

From A-Z (well Y really… there are no towns or cities in the UK beginning with Z), Book Theory Test Today has every theory test centre listed on our site, so you can quickly book and take your driving theory test using our easy to use booking service. Book at your nearest test centre, today…

Finding your nearest theory test centre is easy with Book Theory Test Today, especially if you live in a rural location or in a town/city without its own theory test centre. Head to our ‘Find a Test Centre’ page and click on the letter of your location, you will be presented with a list of towns and cities.

If your location is not listed, click on a letter for the town or city nearest to you. Once you’ve found the ideal venue to take your driving theory test, click any of the on page ‘Book Now’ buttons. Complete the on screen forms, and get a notification from us confirming your booking… simple!

What if my preferred theory test centre has no ideal appointments?

Driving theory test waiting times vary from test centre to test centre, which means you could be waiting weeks for an appointment at your preferred theory test centre. Not to worry. When using our theory test centre finder to make a booking, you will be asked to choose two test centres at which to take your driving theory test…

The first will be your #1 choice, while the second will be a backup. However, you can take advantage of our ‘cancellation finder’ service, which will keep tabs on booking cancellations at your preferred theory test centre, flagging potentially earlier driving theory test dates to suit you!

Should you take your driving theory test at your local test centre?

You don’t have to, you can take your driving theory test wherever you like. However, taking your driving theory test out of town could mean a shorter waiting time, or if research is to be believed, improve your chances of passing. It’s true. Some driving theory test centres have a higher pass percentage. However, passing a driving theory test is less to do with the centre at which you take your test, and more to do with how much effort you put into revising!

Wherever you want to take your driving theory exam, Book Theory Test Today’s theory test centre finder is the tool to use, so get started now!

Book Your Theory Test Online With Us Today…

Our service makes booking a theory test and practical exam easy, cost-effective and hassle free. Try us out today and once you’ve booked, access all the resources you need to get you started on a lifetime of safe driving.

No. We’re not affiliated with the DVSA or the gov.uk website, but that does not make us a scam. You’re charged an admin fee to cover our staff costs and the process of booking a theory test or practical exam on your behalf.



*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.