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What does Book Theory Test Today do

Book Theory Test Today books your car, coach, bus, motorbike, lorry or driving instructor theory test, or practical exam, on your behalf. You benefit from plenty of perks, including our Pass Protection guarantee! Here’s more about what we do and why we do it…

We’ve helped hundreds of learner drivers to book and pass a driving theory test and practical exam, offering a service that’s unique. We provide an alternative to the government booking system, saving you time and money, while providing you with all the friendly help and resources you need to pass your test.

Why should I use Book Theory Test Today, I can use the government site, right?

Book Theory Test Today provides learner drivers with a ‘one stop shop’ for all things theory test and practical exam, providing a service that’s not offered by the government. Unique to the Book Theory Test Today service is the Pass Protection Scheme.

In the event that you fail your driving theory test, you could be entitled to up to three, free retests - booked and paid for by Book Theory Test Today! No such service exists when booking via the government website. If you fail your test, you have to book and pay for it again, taking up your time and money.

Having to book your theory test or practical driving exam using the government website can be time consuming. Using Book Theory Test Today, all you have to do is provide us with a few details, and we’ll book your theory test or practical exam on your behalf, doing all the hard work for you.

I want to reschedule or cancel my test, can Book Theory Test Today do it for me?

If you book your theory test or practical exam using our service, and you want to reschedule or cancel it, Book Theory Test Today can do this on your behalf, no questions asked – provided that you give us three clear working days’ notice. Our service removes the hassle of having to reschedule or cancel your test yourself, saving you time.

I’ve booked a test, but I want an earlier one if it becomes available

Our cancellation finder service tracks alternative dates to your original booking and we can inform you of earlier dates, rather than you having to constantly check the government site for an earlier test slot. Waiting times vary for each test centre in Britain, but we will help you as much as we can.

So, you book theory and practical tests, what else do you do?

Book Theory Test Today is a learning hub, too. All the resources you need to pass a theory test and practical exam can be found on our site, including FREE to access resources – like the complete Highway Code!

Try out our service, today

Our service makes booking a theory test and practical exam easy, cost-effective and hassle free. Try us out today and once you’ve booked, access all the resources you need to get you started on a lifetime of safe driving.

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