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UK Driving Theory Test Should Include Motorcycle Awareness

A mum, who tragically lost her son in a motorcycle accident, is urging the Transport Secretary to update the UK driving theory test to include motorcycle awareness. Ria Brisland wants a compulsory section added to the two-part theory exam to better educate car drivers and protect bike riders on Britain’s roads…

Ms Brisland’s son, Nick was 19 when he was killed in an accident while riding to a local bike meet. Nick died instantly in the collision when he veered into oncoming traffic as he tried to avoid a car pulling out of a driveway. Despite Nick’s death, the Crown Prosecution Service concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the driver of the car.

Nick’s mum, Ria, said: “Events leading up to Nick’s death were easily avoidable. That’s what spurred me on to help other bike riders. How many times have you heard someone say: ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you?’ I want to reach the masses with this campaign and I will not stop until we’ve achieved something.”

Ms Brisland was inspired to launch a campaign following an annual bike ride from Southampton to Loomies Moto café, in memory of her son. She is fighting to get the UK driving theory test updated to include a compulsory section on motorcycle awareness.

UK Driving Theory Test Petition to be Sent to Transport Secretary

The campaigning mum has set up a petition, which has gathered more than 120,000 signatures, to present to UK Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling MP. Recently, Ms Brisland was back at Loomies collecting more signatures for the petition.

She said: “The support has really surprised me. As well as this campaign, we’ve also set up the Nick Brisland Trust, which is raising money to install roadside defibrillators and I’m going

into schools so that children learn to look out for bikes from an early age. That’s going well, too.”

Once the petition hits 150,000 signatures, Ria intends to hand it to Grayling in person.

Meanwhile, Chris Grayling has agreed to meet Ria in person in the coming weeks with a view to update the UK driving theory test to include motorcycle awareness.

Should the UK driving theory test include a motorcycle awareness section? Contact us with your comments.

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