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Things That Arent on the UK Driving Test But Should Be | Part 1

The UK driving test is set for its biggest overhaul in 20 years. From 4 December, 2017, the new look driving test will be launched. Among the changes are the introduction of satnav led driving and the scrapping of the reverse around the corner and the three-point turn. Are the changes enough? Not according to some…

Since the government announced the new look UK driving test, it has divided opinion. Many think that the test will do very little to improve the driving standards of new motorists or prepare them for ‘real-life’ scenarios on Britain’s roads. There’s a general consensus that the government has missed an opportunity to make changes that matter.

According to an article published by Chronicle Live, here are some things they reckon wannabe drivers should have to learn before taking the UK driving test:

1. Driving with kids in the back

Driving with kids in the back seat of a car is an ‘experience.’ It’s unlikely that your driving test instructor is going to hop in the back, throw a tantrum, soil themselves and take aim at the back of your head with toys. If you’re going to be driving with kids in the back, you need to be prepared.

2. Using a drive-thru lane

“Congrats on passing your driving test, let’s hit the library to celebrate,” said no one’s friend ever. It’s more likely that you will head to the McDonald’s drive-thru for a well-earned Big Mac, chauffeuring your non-driving friends to share in the celebratory feast.

It’s worth learning how to navigate drive thru lanes with all their tight corners and stopping at drive thru windows with perfect precision.

3. Navigating multi-storey car parks

You thought the drive thru lane was tight, think again. Multi-storey car parks are a new driver’s worst nightmare. Navigating a multi-storey car park gives you an illusion of normal driving, only to have you perform ridiculously tight turns every three seconds. “I’ll stay on the ground floor,” you might say. Yep… good luck finding a parking space.

4. The Dutch reach

The Dutch reach, a technique invented in Holland (funnily enough), involves opening car doors with the hand furthest away from the door handle. If you’re the driver that would be your left hand. Why? It physically forces your body to turn and look behind you, reducing the risk of wiping out a passing cyclist.

Equally, it limits how far you can actually open your car door. Try it next time you’re in the car.

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