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Research released by Jardine Motors Group caught our attention recently, alerting us to the amount of stuff UK motorists don’t know about Britain’s roads! To stop you learner drivers suffering the same fate, here’s some stuff you need to swot up on ready for your driving theory test…

The study revealed that a quarter of Britain’s road users didn’t know the correct sequence for traffic lights, while half didn’t realise that paying for a meal at a drive-thru with a phone is illegal if the engine is running.

Such questions are likely to pop up on the driving theory test, so it’s worth knowing these facts. They’re worth remembering too, for when you take to the roads solo!

According to the study, millions of motorists are utterly oblivious to the order of traffic lights. More than one in 10 motorists believe a single amber light is followed by a green signal. Meanwhile, 13 percent incorrectly think that traffic lights go to red and amber together. Fewer than three quarters of those quizzed correctly said it leads to a red light.

Other potential theory test questions that could catch you out

Did you know? Road rage could result in a fine of 75 percent of your weekly income. More than 50 percent of motorists didn’t know! Get clued up, it’s a question that could get asked on your theory test.

Of the 12 questions asked, only 2 percent of the 1,558 drivers quizzed got all 12 questions right. Matt Wrigley of the Jardine Motors Group said: “Everyone works hard to swot up before their driving theory test and practical exam, but how many of us actively keep up to date with the rules of the road?”

According to the research, more than a quarter of respondents could not identify the correct penalty for using a handheld mobile phone when driving, highlighting that many motorists have failed to keep up with road rules since passing their driving theory test and practical exam.

Did you know? You can use your mobile phone while driving! It’s legal to call 999 when behind the wheel, but only 50 percent of those quizzed knew.

Meanwhile, it’s illegal to flash your headlights at other motorists to warn them of a speed camera! It’s also an offence to use a handheld phone while supervising a learner – so if dad starts having a chat with mum while teaching you to drive, tell him to get off the phone before he gets nicked!

Question… Should you let an animal out of the car on a motorway should you breakdown? The answer is no! Only 45 percent of motorists said leaving them in the car was the correct thing to do.

Alarmingly, the research revealed that one in 100 motorists admitted that rather than pulling over into a service station when tired, they would put their foot down to get to their destination quicker. Don’t do it!

Now that we’ve cleared up some of these theory test banana skins, you’re ready to book your exam!

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