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Spike in Driving Theory Test Bookings on Christmas Day

It seems some learner drivers across the UK set aside the festive fun on Christmas Day 2017, in order to practice for or book their driving theory test ahead of the New Year! Data released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) shows a surge in the number of practice theory tests taken and online bookings made!

It would appear that keen wannabe motorists up and down the country did not let Christmas celebrations get in the way of practicing for or booking a driving theory test online on 25 December.

The DVSA recorded a spike in the use of its online services and content on Christmas Day, capturing data showing that:

· 5,090 online driving theory test bookings were made, while 3,260 website visitors booked a practical driving test. According to the data, around two-thirds of site users booking either a practical driving exam or theory test, did so using a mobile device. The 8pm – 9pm time slot was a particularly busy period for bookings · 2,584 site users took a practice theory test, 50% of which were taken using a mobile phone, 12% used a tablet, while 38% hopped onto a PC or laptop

· The DVSA’s YouTube video content was accessed 1,456 times, with visitors flocking to view the agency’s video clip explaining the hazard perception section of the driving theory test

While the majority of activity on the DVSA site on Christmas Day involved booking a driving theory test or practical exam, 1,241 visitors accessed information pages about learning to drive. 87 visitors looked into the requirements for becoming a driving instructor.

James Munson, the DVSA’s director of digital services and technology, said: “Our vision is to become a digitally enabled organisation, which provides modern, efficient, and sustainable technology to support a mobile workforce and builds brilliant digital services for users.”

“Our users have high expectations of our services – and rightly so. Even on Christmas Day, our services help people get what they need from the government – and help people stay safe on Britain's roads,” Munson added.

Did you know? Driving theory test bookings don’t have to be made via the DVSA site!

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