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New theory test booking system goes live on Monday July

The new system will go live at 8am on 19th July 2021. All car, motorbike, lorry and bus Theory tests from 6th September 2021 will be available for booking. Enhanced rider Scheme trainee theory tests will also be available to book. You can continue to book your test dates for on or by 3rd September using the current booking systems in the usual way.

When you book a test on, you will now be asked if you want to book a practical or theoretical test at the start of booking. You will automatically be redirected to the correct booking system based on the date you selected.

Booking or changing a test date

You can book test dates from today on the new system. Test dates will be added to our booking system each week. To change an existing test date, you’ll need to cancel your current booking on GOV.UK, then re-book online using the new system. Cancellations will be refunded as usual.

The customer contact centre is responsible for cancelling or rescheduling theory test bookings.

Theory test centre locations

We’re sorry but we’ve had to cancel our plans to move the test centre. We’ll let you know when we have more information about the new address. Thanks for being patient while we work out the details.

We will write to you as quickly as possible to tell you about the changes to our new address system. You can also book a theory test using ‘book a theory test’ on We’re sorry if there’s been an issue or delay with the new system.

Theory test centre location changes

I’ve attached the list of changes to the theory test centre locations that are going to be introduced from 6 September. We’ll send you copies of all available addresses later today. These will also be made available on ‘find my nearby’ service from Monday 19th July. Unfortunately, some of the changes to theory test centre location will not be confirmed by then. We will add them to the booking system as quickly as possible once the addresses and opening dates have been confirmed. We will write you to let you know as soon as they have been added. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and your students.

Candidates who want to book an exam before the closest exam centre opens can use “find your nearest exam centre” on to find the nearest alternative exam centre. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We’ll update the ‘find you nearest exam centre’ service on when the new booking system launches on 19th July.

Booking or changing a theory test date

When the new booking system opens, you’ll be asked to choose a starting date for your theory test, and then redirected to the correct booking system. The new booking system looks a bit different than before, but we’ve worked with theory test candidates to make it easier to use.

Dates for bookings at new test centres will be added to the system as soon as the addresses and opening dates are confirmed. If you want a test booked before or on 3 September to be moved to a later date, you’ll need to cancel your existing test on and re-book online using the new system. This is because both booking systems are separate. You’ll get a refund for any cancelled tests as normal.

Cancellation and reschedule requests must be made via email.

The theory test is not changing

From 6 September the theory test looks slightly different on screen but there is no change to the structure or content of the test itself. The service ‘in-house’ means that the department can update and improve questions more quickly when needed. This allows them to make changes as soon as possible.

Booking system launch

We’ll be providing you with an update on our new booking system before it goes online.

Booking online

You must wear a face covering when taking a driving test. You should also read the public health information before booking a driving test.

A driver’s license number and date of birth are required to get a job. Credit cards are used to pay for services. An email address is needed to register online. Appointments are made during regular business hours.

Special needs

The DVA offers facilities for drivers with special needs or physical limitations. Call the number at the link above to book an appointment. Tell the operator when you call that you’re calling about “a Driving test for a candidate with disability”.

Deaf people should always use an interpreter when taking tests. They need extra time to understand what is being said. People with disabilities should also use interpreters during tests. Tests should be adapted to accommodate them.

Northern Ireland residency

You can book a driving test in Northern Ireland if you are normally resident there. To do this you must first register as a resident by filling out a residency declaration form and sending it to DVA with evidence proving you are normally resident in Northern Ireland.

You can view the privacy notice by clicking here.

What to expect on the day of your test

You must arrive 15 minutes early to take your tests. Your confirmation email or letter should include your photo and signature. You may bring any valid ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) as long as it contains your photo and signature.

Staff at the Test Centre will make sure you have the right documents before you start the test. You must click on your chosen answers before you begin the test. You won’t get any money back if you fail the test.

Before the test begins there is an on-screen tutorial which explains how everything functions and lets you try out buttons and computer. Each quiz consist of 15 questions. Once test starts, you have fifteen minutes to answer 15 randomly chosen multiple choice questions. If taking more than one test you will be presented with them consecutively. You should not leave room until you’ve finished all of your booked tests.

What to do if you are unsuccessful retaking the test

If you fail your renewal test, you must book another test time and retest. A new test fee needs to be paid when you take a retest. You can retake the tests as many times as you want and you can book a retest after 48 hours of your last attempt.

If you are struggling with the renewal test(s), please make sure you have made use of our revision material and all other available accommodations.

Why should you book a theory test cancellations through us?

“It’d be great if you could take our theory test! We’re sure you’ll pass!”


*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.