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Motorway Learner Drivers Unwanted by British Motorists

The idea of motorway learner drivers gets a big thumbs down from more than half of Britain’s motorists. Ahead of new changes set to come into effect on 4 June, 2018, over 50% of the UK’s fully fledged motoring community say that learner drivers on the motorway are an accident waiting to happen!

‘Inexperienced motorway learner drivers will be a hazard and cause journey delays’, according to more than 50% of Britain’s road users. A new study found that over half of UK motorists are opposed to new laws that will allow learner drivers to take to the motorway as of 4 June, 2018.

The new law is a landmark in driver training history, introduced as part of the biggest shakeup to driver testing since the introduction of the theory test and hazard perception exam. However, a survey carried out by Servicing Stop revealed that 56% of Brits were against the new laws.

What have Brits got against Motorway Learner Drivers?

The majority of those participating in the study said that motorway learner drivers pose a danger to other road users. 42% feared that the rule changes would make motorways even more unsafe, while 14% said that novice drivers on Britain’s busiest highways would cause frustration as motorists get stuck behind new drivers travelling at slow speeds!

However, 46% reckon that the new laws are a good idea, saying that it would provide learner drivers with the skills they need, rather than having to wait for a licence before taking to a motorway for the first time.

Currently, all new drivers only experience motorway driving after they’ve passed their driving test. In many cases, they are doing this unsupervised, which is far more nerve-wracking and more likely to lead to an accident due to hesitancy or poor decision making.

At least with a qualified supervisor to guide them, they can gain confidence and experience motorway driving in a safe way.

Motorway Experience Vital for Learner Drivers

Announcing the law changes earlier this year, the DVSA said that motorway training would be ‘invaluable for new motorists.’

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Jesse Norman said: “Allowing learners to drive on motorways, with the support of an experienced driving instructor, will help them to develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely, and it will prepare them to drive on them alone.”

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