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HPI Warns of Dangers of Buying a Car Without a Logbook

HPI has issued a warning to motorists, particularly young drivers, about the dangers of purchasing a motor vehicle that is not accompanied by a logbook. HPI, a used car information expert, reports that there has been an increased number of vehicle purchases made whereby drivers are handing over large amounts of cash to buy a vehicle that does not have the necessary logbook. The absence of a logbook leaves the new car owner vulnerable to a variety of scams, HPI claims. In a bid to stamp out the problem, HPI is urging motorists to carry out its HPI check in order to ensure that a vehicle they are looking to purchase does not provide an unwanted surprise in the future. In severe circumstances, breakdown cover may not be able to fix any problems associated with the vehicle that is devoid of a logbook as they would be unable to fully assess the history of the vehicle. In a statement from Phil Peace, the Director of HPI operations, he said: “Purchasing a car without seeing its logbook is an enormous risk as the buyer does not have access to crucial information. Logbooks are an integral part of verifying a car's identity and ownership. If a seller claims to be waiting for one in the post, the buyer should wait until the seller has it before continuing.” He added: “It might be frustrating to have to wait a little longer, but knowing the full details about a car is crucial - if it turns out to be stolen then they will lose the car and the money, so it pays to be patient.” In a statement from Book Theory Test Today, they said: “We advise any driver, particularly young motorists buying their first vehicle, if they are unsure to take a friend or relative with them who has a basic knowledge of cars and understands what documentation should be present when a used motor vehicle is being sold.” The statement continued: “The logbook provides essential information about the history of a motor vehicle, such as service history and details of previous MOT’s. The absence of such essential information could lead to complications further down the line. Therefore, motorists are encouraged to be vigilant when purchasing a used vehicle.”

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