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How to take theory test in the UK when you don’t have a provisional licence

Having a provisional licence does not automatically mean you can take the theory test. This test is the final hurdle for a driver to get their fully licenced licence. Theory is a test of your driving under test conditions. It tests your ability to react and plan in situations that you may encounter on the road.

Theory tests can be taken in a car or a car-based environment such as a driving school. The test is the same no matter where you take the test.

If you live in the UK, you may be eligible to take a provisional driving test if you do not have a full licence. You may be eligible if you live in the UK and have a valid license from another European Union country or another country with reciprocal driving standards.

What is a provisional licence?

Provisional licences are issued for a fixed period of time. The holder of a provisional licence may not drive a category B car (such as a large family car) unless accompanied by a fully licenced person who can act as a chaperone. If the holder of a provisional licence commits an offence during this period, they could lose their licence and could be prosecuted.

How to apply for a provisional licence

You can apply for a provisional licence if you are over 18 and do not have a full UK licence. If you are applying under the age of 18, you will need to show proof that you are allowed to drive. You can apply for a provisional licence by visiting a driving test centre. You will need to take: – Your driving licence and photo – Proof of identity – A valid address at which to receive your licence – £10 fee

Step by step guide to passing your theory test

There are several steps you can follow to help you pass your driving theory test. Understanding these steps and following them will result in a better outcome for you.

– Learn the road rules and highway code – Plan your route – Keep in the left-hand lane and don’t tailgate – Don’t use a phone while driving – Do not drink or become distracted while driving – Do not use a car phone or any other device while driving

– Understand your examiner’s style – The examiner will usually begin the test by asking you to read out a set of road rules. This is their way of checking that you know what you are doing. You must also know that it is illegal to read a paper or anything else while driving. – If you have passed your theory test and are about to receive a full UK licence, you must drive on the left-hand side of the road. – Make sure you are in the correct gear for the road you are on. – During the test, the examiner may ask you to perform a manoeuvre that is out of your driving experience. If you are not comfortable with this, try to have someone who understands driving as an examiner as this helps you pass the test.

– If you have not maintained a consistent speed, the examiner may ask you to perform a manoeuvre to prove you can change speed safely. – On the road test, the examiner will spin the car to make sure the brakes work and the engine stops. – You must also be able to follow the examiner’s directions and hand signals. – The examiner will also try to check that you can make a safe emergency stop. They may do this by pulling you over and stopping the car themselves.

Which cars are compatible with UK provisional licence?

A UK provisional driving licence is valid in the United Kingdom only. This means once you get your full UK licence, you will not be able to drive in other European countries with a UK licence. If you decide later that you would like to drive in another European country, you will need to take a proficiency test.

Tips for passing your driving test

– Be confident, but not cocky. – Don’t try to outsmart the examiner. The examiner is there to test your driving ability, not your ability to argue. – Prepare for the test. – If you’re taking your test at a driving test centre, make sure you know where it is and what time it starts. – Check your car is in good working order before you go to the test. – Bring water, snacks and a comfortable place to sit. – Don’t wear shoes or socks that could get caught in the pedals. – If you’re taking the test at a driving school, make sure you know that you will be tested in a car.

– Do not try to do any extra practising in the car that has been set aside for you. The car belongs to the driving school, not you. The examiner will also be in this car.

– Make sure you use the handbrake properly. – Don’t rev the engine. – Don’t touch the steering wheel when you are not in the examiner’s hands.

– Don’t let other drivers see you taking a test. – If you need to use the toilet, wait until you are done.

Final steps to getting your fully licencing licence

Once you have passed your test, you will need to visit your local driving licence office. You will need to: – Pass an eye test – Complete a form proving you are a citizen of the UK – Pay the fee – Take your learner licence (if you do not have one) – Give your UK licence to the driver in the car in front of you


Driving is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. If you do not have the proper licence, you could end up in trouble with the police or even get into an accident. There are many rules to follow and you must be careful on the road.

Driving without a full licence can be very dangerous. It is also illegal and you could be fined or even imprisoned if you are caught driving without a licence.

The best way to avoid this situation is to prepare for the theory test and get your licence as soon as possible.


*To Qualify For a Free Resit You Need To Achieve Over 39/50 In Your Exam. Read More.